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  2. uk_martin

    Birmingham v Leicester

    I can recall, I think it was in about 2008-2009, it had been fine all day. the stadium was filling up nicely, and then almost without warning, at about 7.15pm the heavens opened. And it didn't stop. An hour later, no-one could believe it was still raining and the inevitable happened, the meeting was called off, with those who hadn't gone already, facing a wasted evening, and those who pay the bills, having a big hole in their finances. I got the news at about lunchtime. I looked out of the window,. with spots of rain appearing on the glass, looking at a few weather forecasts on the web, and thought, yeah, sensible decision. And let's face it, what would any of us have done in the same situation? I wonder if those fans who want promoters to take the extra risks would want to club together to fund the insurance premium for a policy that will compensate promoters for the financial losses that they could incur as a result of taking the extra risks and falling foul of them? Such "pluvius insurance" policies do exist. See if you can negotiate one, and pay for it? Maybe this could be something that the Federation of British Supporters Clubs, (or whatever that concoction that the BSPA was proposing, is called) could mastermind? They need something to do.
  3. IronScorpion

    Birmingham v Leicester

    With 3 teams from 2018 not riding this year plus there should be enough spare dates to rearrange, calling it off was the wise move. I would think most of the riders would not be local so travel time is to be allowed & riders have to be there a lot earlier than the supporters.
  4. Think Rosco will stick with him tbh he is far better than he is currently riding . Rosco will help him find his form just like in previous seasons hopefully anyway . I know you always have to hate a rider for swindon i take it you have selected Zach now then.I look forward for your constant hate campaign against him.
  5. After watching him for the Rebels for last 3 seasons I don't doubt that! Will end season as number one at Scunny i reckon too.

    Stoke 2019

    When the present promoters leave, I will go back and give Stoke a chance.... it is in fact my nearest track !!! No respect for the clowns running Stoke
  7. Zach struggling big time again. Can see Stefan Nielsen coming in.
  8. 11 Harry McGurk (Berwick/Cradley Heath) Berwick ?
  9. Jake Allen looks like he could be the signing of the season. So far proving to be a steal on a 4.56.
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  11. Richard Weston

    Stoke 2019

    Late on this, but I thought it was a good report in Speedway Star on Stoke in last week's issue. I went to the track last year and thought it was a bit tired BUT saw some good racing on a well prepared track. People were friendly and helpful. No complaints from me. I wish Stoke well. It was a far cry from what I had been led to believe would see..
  12. https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/speedway/17598558.join-shaun-reynolds-for-live-coverage-of-swindon-robins-supporters-cup-tie-against-ipswich-witches-at-foxhall-stadium/ here also
  13. Richard Weston

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Clubs cannot afford losing the day when they can make hay when sun shines. Sad fact of where speedway is, but that is reality. I would not in any way criticise the Birmingham promotion – and that comes from an Eastbourne supporter.
  14. Don't see anything yet on Updates....any news??
  15. Kester

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Interesting point. It's a tricky one, and I do see it from the promotions point of view. However, I think the emphasis should always be on getting the meeting on if possible. As Stevebrum stated, it's a sign of how much the sport is on its backside that the major consideration in these circumstances isn't sporting but financial.
  16. noggin

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    We have a rule book.....
  17. June01

    2019 Swedish Eliteserien fixtures

    I see the Swedish league is in it's usual logical order - round 1 followed by one from round 10, followed by round 2, followed by one from round 9...
  18. steve roberts

    World Games 1985

    I think you're right (Thursday) as Oxford were racing at home the following night (Friday) and Hans Nielsen was recoverig from an ankle injury picked up on the continent hence his less than usual dominant performance at Plough Lane.
  19. JaFool

    Rider replacement

    Absolutely agree with all that. Reduced points limit has ruled out decent youngsters still progressing while others mentioned continue to be regurgitated.
  20. Bagpuss

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Exactly. Sonetimes I think riders would be much better off keeping their gobs shut and just riding their bikes.
  21. And if that happened, to enable them to keep Chugunov at no.8, he'd end up with very few rides too. He's much better, at this stage with him returning from that serious an injury, to stay with Rybnik. Let's also not forget that their help got him back on track much earlier than anticipated. A bit of a kick in the teeth to abandon them now.
  22. Likely to replace Milik
  23. He'd be daft to go there at the moment. He needs all the time he can get on the bike and would likely end up as the no.8 which would not be to his advantage.
  24. bigcatdiary

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Well it wasn’t given a lot of thought was it, but to be fair most of the rule book fits that category as well.
  25. I can see home wins for both, would take a point if offered just now anything more is a bonus. Can't make it tomorrow due to work but safe meeting to the 14 riders and a Glasgow win would be nice, but as i say realistically a point is all we will get.
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