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  2. If we can get a little consistent we have a chance at home depending on which Richard Lawson turns up other wise Swindon's top four will be to strong for us
  3. G Laguta missed 2 years is it. Sees his brother in the GPs, if he has any career aspirations then surely he wants to be in the GP too. I thik he is a better racer then Artum (bit of a gater) so I hope he does well this year. Is Gregori in the SGP qualifiers, he should be so he can gain a place in next years GPs.
  4. Sorry it you won't get much for someone under a 7pt average
  5. Fromafar

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    The way the sport is run that is probably the case nowadays.Very few travelling fans these days.Even then you can be watching same riders riding for different teams most weeks.
  6. I'm only kidding about WADA. Then again I am a bad loser so I'd still do it. He was so good though especially in his 5th race. Hope he gives Lublin that extra fire power they lack and they can avoid relegation
  7. tyretrax

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Mmmmmmm let me think lololololo.
  8. Two easy Swindon wins. Lawson for Brady is ridiculous but guess there’s not much choice out there tomorrow. 38-52ish.
  9. No have no chance without Brady. 55-35. Shame as these double header days are normally great fun but with the teams so low sided on this occasion it’s easy pickings for Swindon.
  10. Without Kurtz the Poirates will struggle
  11. cityrebel

    Shield semi-final

    It's all about the costs. When has speedway ever bothered about credibility.
  12. Tapeworm

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    Need to wait until 27th July then...................
  13. racers and royals

    Swedish Elitserien week 4 Tues/Thurs 28th/30th May

    Just caught up with watching the Freesports showing of Thursday`s Piraterna v Rospiggarna match and Dave when you said to your studio mate " can you hear me " before heat 1 we could !!! and we then were treated to a 4 lap silent race .
  14. cityrebel

    Kings Lynn 2019

    It was. Last thursdays meeting was brilliant, with multiple passes in most races. Interestingly there was only 1 tractor grade after heat 10, and only the ouside line was graded. This worked a treat with plenty of oustside manoeuvres by the riders.
  15. Come on, man, be fair and give Laguta credit were credit is due. He is a great speedway rider ! I woudl dearly love to see him ride as a wild card in one or other of the upcoming SGP rounds. He would ruffle a few feathers there, for sure ! Thomsen could rather challenge the referee's verdict when Woryna came down and he go the blame for that in the all deciding "last chance" heat. That was a harsh decision, that went against Thomsen.
  16. gazzac

    Shield semi-final

    I can understand the logistics and cost of making it Berwick v Glasgow etc, but should it not be a proper draw ? How would it have been done if say Somerset had been the forth team? Would it have been Leicester v Glasgow as they are closest, then people would have moaned that the 2 strongest were put together. A proper draw gives it some credibility at least.
  17. crescent girl

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Absolutely agree. True at all tracks.
  18. Brummie Kev

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    I've been to Leicester a few times and the last time was the Coventry/Birmingham match last season when there was real problem with the 3rd/4th bend. There was a massive crash when Ayres hit a hole and it caused him to crash into the other riders. In that respect it seemed alot smoother last night but I thought there was little passing, a few decent heats when Leicester riders got ours, but it didnt help with the gulf of class between the two sides. Maybe when a side closely matched to Leicester ( if there is one) comes to BP there will be better racing.
  19. Today
  20. East End Fan

    KENT 2019

    Thanks for that. I'd picked up that news as well. Kent are still a lot weaker without Gilkes but r/r for Sponer isn't too bad. Clouting still has to prove himself for me. Occasionally looks classy, but very slow from the start. Looks like a big confidence issue watching from the grandstand.
  21. Skodaman

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    I cannot comment about this meeting as I was not there, but, it has been much less of a gaters track this season due to the work Stewart Diskson has done on the track.
  22. adonis

    Another Saturday night

    I thinknthose who know best , do realise that the weekend is the best time , but we have played into the hands of Poland as has the rest fo world speedway including the GP's with people meeting the demands of Poland instead of qualifying . It's all too late , Poland will be the death of speedway IMHO ,
  23. Jaimon lidsey i would think.
  24. keepturningleft

    This must be a contender for the greatest race ever!

    Doubt Ivan Mauger would have ever have attempted a manoeuvre as risky as that...
  25. TooMuchGrip

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree but Simon does seem to be the default when we need to replace a reserve doesnt he. I know he is an asset but hopefully the team managers will eventually look a bit more outside the box for cover in the future.
  26. Any clue who's in for Kurtz?
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