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    Midsummer brought a determined Poole side eager to make up for their KO cup thrashing by the Rebels earlier in the season. With former riders a plenty, a close match was in the offing. A big crowd listened intently to Garry May’s explanation to the incident involving Charles Wright before the meeting got underway. It was fair to say he received a reasonable ovation afterwards. The Meeting burst into life in heat 6 when BWD held off both Szczepaniak and the sluggish looking Brady Kurtz to regain a slender lead for the Rebels. Jake Allen looking fast and furious on what used to be the “Charles Wright racing line” suddenly came to an abrupt halt with a rear tyre puncture whilst second, before some gutsy riding from the impressive Kacper Woryna brought the Pirates back into the match. Woryna’s 5 points in the previous match here paled into insignificance as he simply attacked the track like he knew it inside out. His victory over Jason Doyle was won fair and square much to the delight of the Pirates large following Jack Holder was once again in magnificent form and looks the real deal at the moment. To think in the last few seasons he has looked ordinary at best around the OTA, but he appears to have sewn the circuit up completely now. Doyle joined his Aussie colleague up front with an exquisite inside pass on both Kurtz and an equally sluggish Josh Grajczonek in heat 13; and this particular partnership is giving Somerset some heavy artillery in the latter races now. Allen continued with his wretched luck hitting a huge rut which suddenly appeared on the third bend, before he crashed heavily to the ground he was narrowly and skilfully avoided by the following Linus Sundstrom and Kurtz, saving Allen from certain injury Sundstrom, along with his two Polish team mates kept the Pirates in contention, but in essence, Poole huffed and puffed and were fortunate to steal a point A word also for debutant Nico Covatti who was in the mix throughout. His spectacular all action style will soon make him a fans favourite I am sure. Covatti himself did provide a moment of amusement in the bar during the rider of the night presentation. Whilst Jason Doyle was taking Q and A from a packed clubhouse, meeting announcer Rod Cork not recognising the new signing, mistakenly approached the Argentinian born racer and asked him if he had a question for the Somerset skipper. Covatti, looking quite surprised, looked up and asked the world champion, “How did I do?” bringing much hilarity from the Somerset faithful.
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    What is th problem with the website? No match report from Glasgow, no mention of Ty's injury, nothing about this Saturday - it's like looking at a website for a business that has closed down or is about to. It makes you wonder. It's no suprise there is so much crap talked on the forums because we aren't given any official facts. It certainally doesn't look like they're trying to encourage people through the gates.
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    My rant yesterday was the truth. Absolute 100% truth. I have seen more than enough of your brainwashed, abusive posts to know all that is required. If the truth is despicable, that speaks volumes. There is not a lot more despicable than actively helping to create an environment where children can be abused and authorities are scared to act for fear of cretins like you kicking up a storm about racism. You see the difference is, my 'rant' if you wish to call it that, is based upon evidence. Evidence of your posts. You are so deluded you even think I have a different political point of view. I was totally against Brexit, it doesn't benefit me personally in the slightest. You're the one who brands people when they disagree, labels them racists or senile just because they happened to vote for Brexit or share a different opinion all the while driving them further away from the side you want them on. Clever that eh? So yes, it's people like YOU that caused Brexit. Not racists. Not senile old people. Not xenophobics. There aren't enough of them to win a vote. It's the middle people who simply have concerns. Concerns which people like you refuse to even acknowledge exist because it's not staring you in the face, or you'll try to dismiss with the old get out 'it's in the Daily Fail'. Your offer no sensible debate when challenged and simply resort to labels. Hence, if someone is on the fence and undecided, but you are calling them a racist, do you really think they're going to come onto your side? Of course not. Stuff you they'll think. They might not say it as they don't want the hassle of being hounded relentlessly, but when they get in that voting booth they are free to do as they please... and they did.
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    Many thanks for once again showing all that I said is true.
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    Just as you start to get interested once again in the Stars, and get some momentum, this happens. Another meeting with almost half the riders missing. Can't be arsed with it anymore. I'll be happy when/if we win but gone are the days when I sit glued to updates/twitter awaiting heat by heat updates when we are riding away. I don't even care too much whether we win or lose at home either as long as it's entertaining. Poor management has done this to me, both at the club and in the wider sense of those that run the sport. The execution of the fixed race night policy just sums everything up for me. We select Danish riders who cannot ride on Wednesday's in the UK a lot of the time, and then we also have to ride on Thursday against teams when our riders are already doubling up with their Championship clubs.
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    It's what happens when you change the Thursday fixed race night to a Wednesday. It's about time the BSPA showed some actual leadership and stop pandering to two or three clubs every year.
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    That's if Jack had wanted to be at Poole tbh it's not a given.
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    Listening to Garry Mays interview it suggests an apology from Wright to May was all it would have took to restore calm.
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    Enjoyed the meeting last night. Belle Vue deserved the win and TBH it should have been an even bigger win but for some unfortunate falls. 100% commitment from both sides. Impressed with the ref, who after the delays with the sun and air fence was putting the 2 minute warning on about 5 seconds after the race had finished. That really should be the norm. As has been said, this defeat has coming coming all season. Be interesting to see what the management do now. Personally I would just like them to be honest and upfront with the fans. If they can't afford to make changes, then tell us. We can then just enjoy the racing. No need for false promises, that just leads to disgruntled fans.
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    Hardly 'karma' when he's lost his job through being a berk and then not being a big enough man to apologise. Pretty sure that Vissing & Covatti will prove their worth going forward, and while it's a shame to see a British rider lose his spot it seems he brought it on himself.
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    THE way I read it the people are not fed up with the concept of Brexit but the manner in which the government has handled the negotiations. And that is something that most of us can probably agree on. By the way, the CBI again raised their forecasts for manufacturing today.
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    KK was struggling at Poole a few seasons ago. He was sent to a sports psychologist. The following season, he came 2nd in the World Championships. He then said he was ok and didnt required further counselling. The next season he was appalling in the GPs. Yet he still refuses to go back and sort himself out. Its so obvious what he needs to do, to everyone around him, except him. Strange guy.
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    Finally admitting reform is needed, and that its6taken brexit to realise https://news.sky.com/story/failure-of-brexit-dampens-eu-success-guy-verhofstadt-11410713
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    You aren't going because it will be a walkover but then you predict a 2 point margin. Strange.
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    Photo's from Last Night Somerset v Poole Slideshow Somerset v Poole Slideshow Result would have been more but for Allen's puncture and hitting the hole on turn 3 (think he may have run over a black cat on the way to the OTA)
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    Still hanging on to my Scottish notes. Gawd knows what they're using up here. Even Ocado don't deliver to here can you believe?
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    Been somehow scraping home wins all year. This result was coming. Don’t know how long they will persevere with Max Clegg. The kid can’t buy a heat win.
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    Credit to BV for the win, it was deserved. Drozdz looked impressive tonight as did Garrity and Tungate sometimes. Hats off to Kasprzak who rode his socks off as did Nicholls (tonight didn't go his away but he gave his all and credit to him for that). In truth we have been walking a tightrope at home all season and this time our luck run out. Time to look hard at the team "and the budget" whilst anyone will want fantasy signings my first consideration is to have speedway at Rye House next year.
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    Are we the Man utd of speedway because they haven't won anything lately either!
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    I don't think it's that..Riders don't want to ride for Poole. Money is tight and loyalty is thin.
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    Not sure it's Middlo. This season Poole's team looked the **. Ford picks the team for me.He looks for riders on bargain ave's. When it don't work out he drops any rider or riders that give him an advantage (as somerset did) Trouble is it wears thin with riders, and in the end it will bite you in the arse..Riders know what to expect.
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    Good post. Agree with everything. Szczepaniak will only get worse as I mentioned earlier he has been sacked by Rybnik and now he only rides for us (Wish he didn't). Grajczonek thinks he's better than what he is but the fact is Josh is a Championship No.1 and a Premiership 2nd string/3rd Heat Leader. Should never have quit the Championship. I don't understand what people see in Brady Kurtz tbh. He bottles every important race he's in. He is nowhere near the standard of a No.1 rider even in a watered down British league. Linus has only been doing well recently because he is riding in the easy No.2 position. Which is a position made for a 5.00 pointer or a reserve when he moves into the 1-5. Then we have Middleditch which has now become an Arsene Wenger situation at Poole Speedway.......Time to go. Its all good when he's managing teams with Ward & Janowski in them but when he's asked to manage a group of riders of a different standard.....He can't do it. I don't care what he's won because any manager would have won those titles if they were managing the 1-7's we had in those years. Funny how every rider in recent times come on leaps and bounds when they get away from Middleditch. Ellis and Jack Holder are the latest names added to the ever growing list. Get the ex Glasgow manager in charge and let's start fresh. Forget about Chris Holder forever he's average now day's. Ward's accident has affecting him imo and his fair share of injuries maybe catching up with him now. The whole club is shambolic and every single week all we hear is Chris Holder this Chris Holder that when he hasn't ridden for us for 2 years. I saw the whole team falling apart from a mile away. Middleditch is not the right man to take this club forward we need a manager who will actually motivate the riders instead of manager who just laughs and joke's with riders even when they are riding very poorly. This season is not a one off. It's been like this for a few years now. I've had enough of all the BS press. Holder this Holder that. Ford mentioning team changes all the time when he clearly can't get any decent rider to come over. If you can't get any decent riders to come over then don't bother saying anything at all.
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    I dont think the Tigers will win this one
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    even when the fixtures are up and running , they are against us !. lol
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    Agree,the most satisfying meetings are a 49/41 win having got a 5/1in heat 15 to take all 3 points and restricting the away team, although if it's a cracking match, 46/44 is great and gives the away team something for their efforts in making a great meeting.

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