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    Doesn't matter.... it's not our choice to who rides and when they offically announced is it? We won't know that "Rider A" or "Rider B" fitted perfectly into the points limit but "A" wanted £300 a point and £2000 start money. Whereas "B" will never ride for the club again after past issues. We won't know that "Rider C" could only do half a season We won't know that "Rider D" has a lower average but fits into the team as is well liked by the club and gets on well with his team mates. What we will know is that 7 riders have eventually been selected to be a 2020 Witch for the right reasons for the club.
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    No, not in it's current form. The Momentum virus has fully infected the host.
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    Iran has been killing British troops by proxy for years, with not a peep out of Corbyn. 1500 unarmed street protesters shot dead by Iranian troops two weeks ago,and the silence from Steptoe is deafening. Then an Iranian war criminal gets assassinated and Corbyn starts screaming about it. The man is pathetic .
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    I was saddened and heartbroken to read that an attempt from Reading to run at NDL level from the Swindon stadium was shot down by the bspa before it got off the ground due to something as stupid as the team name. If the side was to be entered it had to be under the Swindon banner and not Reading which would defeat the object for this bunch of supporters whos continued aim is to see a Reading team on track. Surely if the funding was there and the agreement of the Swindon promotion in place what is the issue? With the NDL enjoying far from prosperous times at present the blocking of this side and effectively any attempts from Exeter in future seasons surely the bspa is poisoning the sport from within? Would certainly be interesting to know who decided against this and why they think it is a positive move for Speedway?
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    I would have thought that a league with the word development in it's title, would welcome any opportunity for more youngsters to enter the sport. And retaining a homeless fan base, albeit a small one, is surely desirable.
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    Would it have been any different to Cradley over the last 10 years? Stupid decision.
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    Hopefully late again. Can't see why people want to be standing there in mid March when it's freezing cold and then have loads of blank weeks in the summer.
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    It'll roughly be for entry / ticket fees alone around the £150 range then & that's with the cheaper ticket for Cardiff then the hotel & refreshment costs on top c'mon bspa that's a bad move !!
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    They are actively looking. There have been a few positive noises, but of course that is a long way from actually opening a new track.
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    Look at British touring teams in Australia. Often labelled England, despite featuring Ken McKinlay and in some series the label changed from test match to test match. So they were described as British Lions in tests 1,2,5 & 7, English Lions in tests 4 & 6 and England in test 3.
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    Whoever thought this up needs sacking! I'm a speedway fan, reasonably well off and Somerset / Cardiff was OK for me as I'd do both meetings from Midlands as 2 separate trips to avoid stupid Hotel Rates in Cardiff. Lots of fans do Somerset and Cardiff as a round trip, stay over and its the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of the sport at Cardiff. This adds on for many an extra night and extra meeting and for those up North/Scotland and down South a very late return home Sunday night / Monday early hours. I won't do all 3 in 3 days. I'll go to Cardiff, go home and then a short trek over to Leicester. Why not 4's at Peterborough where set up and racing last season was "off the scale" superb meeting, not that Pairs wasn't too but that place is not capable of handling big crowds (Somerset). Leicester is a lovely set up but naff track, limited parking and from what I have heard Pits are very small and not a lot of space. Why couldn't we have 4's at Peterborough in May, 4's at Somerset in July, and CLRC at Sheffield in September??
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    My suggestion for caption " will Panthers ever win another meeting"
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    My postman is very disappointed. For years, he thought I was the recipient of some very dodgy material as it was sent in a “brown plain wrapper”. Now he realises it’s just Speedway porn
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    I get another magazine with a 'plastic' wrap that says it is compostable. I feel unsure abut putting this in with my garden waste. >>Star's current wrapper much better than brown envelopes when it rains.
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    Polywrap is used for lots of applications, from direct mail pieces to magazines and catalogues, and for keeping weekend newspapers and their supplements together. Every week, in fact, millions of polywrapped items make their way into the hands of consumers and businesses. And there’s good reason for that, polywrap is light, strong and weather resistant, making it extremely effective at the task it is required to fulfil. It is also, despite perceptions to the contrary, recyclable. “Polywrap is LDPE [low-density polyethylene] and as such is one of the most easily recyclable materials on the market. The trouble is local authorities don’t want to take it back because it’s so light,” explains Malcolm Atkinson, managing director at Hereford-based flexible films extruder and printer Alfaplas. Unfortunately, the UK’s frankly dysfunctional recycling systems doesn’t help. As the BBC recently reported, across the UK there are 39 different sets of rules in force for plastics recycling. In the absence of a national standard, no wonder end-users are confused about what to do with their polywrap-type waste.
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    Further to the remarks in regard to "Russian' riders not been actual Russians. As I see it riders were collectively from various republics in the Soviet Union - hence the USSR. However from a commercial aspect by promoters it was better to 'sell' the team to supporters as Russia rather then the Soviet Union aka USSR.
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    Regarding the comments in regard to riders representing Russia. Is it possible that in the periods concerned they were in fact representing the USSR (Soviet Union aka Union Soviet Socialist Republics) which was a collection of republics in the block.
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    There is a 4 hour time limit with the shopping centre car park, so depending on the format and any possible delays, it could get very tight time wise. Also the shopping centre will be open on a Sunday afternoon, so there will be fewer spaces than normal for a Saturday night meeting. An alternative would be to use the Boston Road industrial estate on the opposite side of the road to the shopping centre.
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    Because it's the humanitarian thing to do. Why do people do anything to help others in need?
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    Brian Collins said much the same to me, you should give yourself a fright sometimes.
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    Explain why he is a hypocrite please ? I asked you in the past to explain previously why i had been disgusting and disrespectful towards him and you failed to respond . You also appear to think that every post is directed at yourself for some strange reason . I would say the comment about Danyon was more in response to Cols comment . You also appear very negative about the Brummies in general posting your about our management and riders short comings. Have we done something to upset you in the past ?
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    Danny Ayres been back on a bike at scunny today.. word from the guy himself 'I feel like I've never been off one'
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    Auty's only good around Scunny... seems to be rather disappointing everywhere else

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