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    EVEN the most avid Remainers, with the exception of HA, admit that the EU have badly mishandled Covid vaccination and all that entails.
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    I see the Trump legal team has quit on him in advance of the Senate hearing. Apparently, the five attorneys -- Butch Bowers, Deborah Barbier, Josh Howard, Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris — said that Trump wanted them to make the main point of his defence that there had been mass election fraud in November and that the election was stolen from him, instead of their proposed defence concerning the legality of convicting a President after he’s left office. Their resignation, over refusing to tolerate his efforts to ramrod the nation's democratic institutions and founding principles throughout his baseless election charade and lies, points up the GOP House Members and Senators’ kowtowing to Trump as even more appalling.
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! Yes of course it was......You're making youself look like a proper clown now , its time to stop digging
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    Brentford FC dedicated today's match and program to fans that died in 2020. Those that died had their names read out before the match , printed in program and a minutes applause before kick off. My brother was amongst those mentioned. I have sent programs of the event to his wife in Thailand and to members of our ever depleted family.
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    The EU are less than a month into their vaccination programme, so nothing to admit either. The Irish border thing was likely down to some miscommunication in translation, and was quickly resolved. But that didn't stop the Brexiteers clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to distract attention from the smell of rotting fish...
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    What a brilliant government we've got, absolutely champion in the way they are looking after our development and investment for the future, leaving us having to dig deep in our wallets on the doorstep to look for some cash to pay DPD et al and phloppy the import duties on something we've bought online from Amazon that originated in Germany. Its going to make the couriers less productive and probably raise courier rates in the future because of wasted time collecting government taxes. I well remember the days when we didn't have to pay such extra rip off charges to our own government to buy something from Europe. Still i suppose Johnson and Cummings and Sunak had to find a way to replace all the subsidies that we benefited from when we were in the EU. They played a blinder in extracting us from trade club Europe costing the country billions and now Johnson and Truss think we should spend more billions joining a club in the Pacific rim and some bits of the Americas instead. It really is a farce that you couldn't make up.
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    A newly elected democratic congresswoman Cori Bush has had to move her office because of being verbally abused by this screwball. Check out another nutter Paul Gosar
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    It's unbelievable how people like her can be so easily elected. That article mentions how she thinks school shootings were staged, I read one last week which also mentioned how she then stalked the parents of a child who lost their life in one of them. What kind of scumbag does things like that? These nutters should be in a padded cell, not getting elected to Congress
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    My wife says I only have two faults. I don't listen and something else..
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    Yawn. How many times does it need to be explained to you. The eu is not just a 'free trade' zone. It has its own courts , parliament , currency , flag , anthem , president etc. And it was so 'free' it cost us £19 billion gross per year to be a part of.
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    If anyone is relying on Liz Truss god help us. So far all deals she has done are to rubber stamp small completely irrelevant small ones or to rubber stamp on same poor terms. The newspaper article this morning is really just a desperate attempt to hide the haemorrhaging of our Export markets and market share, rotting food and goods and the fact that the main profit sector (services) have been totally ignored. Massive public opinion swing in favour of remain / going back in.
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    So the Brexiteers were determined to leave the largest free trade zone that's right on their doorstep, only to join one the other side of the world. You really couldn't make that up... Yes, some of us actually understand what free trade means, which is not what Boris Johnson thinks it means when he negotiated with the EU, whatever he might have claimed.
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    Good to know Her Majesty’s Opposition have a steady hand on the tiller
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    Berge can be a waste of space at times, when he is not in the mood he just takes the P*ss.
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    It's considered an achievement to be able to do something we could before...?
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    Yeah because of Covid. Nice try , but no cigar.
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    Ha ha !! Hardly. Even many of those that voted to remain are now saying they made a mistake and would vote leave if this matter was put before the UK public again after the eu's actions lately judging by mant twatter posts lately. But , its done for many decades now , firstly for the strings the eu would attatch , and secondly the French would veto it. No UK govt could even think rejoining would be an option. Its not the hokey cokey , you cant just go in-out-in-out.
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    BUT Britain is free to negotiate as an individual member rather than one of 27. There is also a strong suggestion that Biden, unlike Trump, would also join which would effectively give the UK a trade deal with the USA. Incidentally, haven't seen you admit that your beloved EU made a giant size cock-up regarding Covid vaccines.
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    Talking of means nothing
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    To be fair, Onion is THE missing link.
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    A bit more ... The Cabinet Minister, who will speak to ministers in Japan and New Zealand tomorrow morning, said: 'Joining will create unheralded opportunities for UK businesses that simply weren't there as part of the EU – and deepen our ties with some of the fastest-growing markets on earth. 'It will mean lower tariffs for car manufacturers and whisky producers, and better access for our brilliant services providers, delivering quality jobs and greater prosperity for people here at home. We're at the front of the queue and look forward to starting formal negotiations in the coming months." The announcement would cut tariffs on food and drink and cars and boost the service industries. As an example, joining the bloc would cut the tariff on Scotch whisky in Malaysia from 165% to nothing
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    I THINK you just did ... The UK is applying to join a free trade area made up of 11 Asia and Pacific nations, under its post-Brexit plans.The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - or CPTPP - includes Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. In total, it covers a market of around 500 million people, generating more than 13% of the world's income. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss will make the request on Monday, with negotiations expected in the spring. There are 11 countries in the CPTPP trade agreement formed in 2018: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. The US was originally in talks to be part of the CPTPP, but former President Donald Trump pulled out when he took office. The main purpose of the deal is to cut trade tariffs - a form of tax, like a border tax - between member countries. It includes a promise to eliminate or reduce 95% of import charges - although some of these charges are kept to protect some home-made products, for example Japan's rice and Canada's dairy industry. In return, countries must cooperate on regulations, such as food standards. However, these standards and regulations do not have to be identical, and member countries can strike their own trade deals.
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    In December I started a new job with Transport for Wales in England and as part of a franchise commitment if I wish to learn the Welsh language I can sign up to an online course for free.I'll be enrolling very soon

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