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    Great... stops Lewis Hamilton being BBC sports personality of the year
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    So, help me out here, If you are aged 12 in this country, you CANNOT, drive Smoke cigarettes, Vote, Drink alcohol, Get married, Buy a lottery ticket, Buy fireworks Consent to sexual activity, But, you CAN, override parental opposition and consent to take an experimental Covid jab with unknown long term effects and rare but significant cardiac side effects. All this to protect you from an illness that poses no threat to you, and which does not stop you transmitting a virus to others. The "scientists" think it may help your mental health(?) because of all the scare mongering they did earlier to frighten the teaching profession who don`t like the classroom, and would like to conduct lessons via Zoom. If there is any doubt , this is no longer about science and medicine, but purely political , in the court of common sense ....this is it. Primary school kids will be next, the teaching unions will scream for it. Will they stop there? or maybe babies and pets next? Vaxports for attending school next ??
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    Brilliant gesture and Tony Jackson (last Worky manager to win the treble) is coming over and when I offered him a ticket for free he said thanks but I would rather buy one to help the club which was another fantastic gesture... Regards THJ
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    Evidence shows that Covid is not a 'Pandemic' in the scary sense. It is not the Black Death Mark 2 or The Plague. It is a potentially nasty chest infection, and old/vulnerable folk should do their best not to catch it.
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    So the end of the season has arrived . Quite a few not really happy on here . Well I for one think that to get a full season of speedway in the current situation speedway seems to be in is a winner in my book. Some teams have fallen out of the league, some have struggled to even fulfill their fixtures and some have said this will probs be their last season. Have we heard that at Berwick . No. Has the season gone well. Well if it’s results then no but the promotion stuck by the guys they signed before lockdown which is very admirable . And so they should have. You have seen young talent in abundance this season and the promotion are very forward thinking about bringing on the next generation of British riders. I fir one thank the promotion , riders , volunteers and of course the fans for speedway at Berwick and hope we have it next year. To spud enjoy your retirement you’ve been a fine servant to speedway over the years.
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    I quite agree..I’ve watched speedway for nearly 50 years and I think people must think that all matches were always filled with overtaking and breathtaking finishes..well they weren’t and often quite dull racing wise ..I was lucky to grow up watching racing every week at Hyde Road so was lucky to see Colins and Morton every week but I also saw quite a few processional meetings there as well and that track was as good as it gets….speedway can be breathtaking and can also be dull, always has been…this meeting wasn’t bad at all.
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    Apparently she's caused a rift in the Royal household - as the Queen supports a teenage girl in a US Court
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    Is that the same Greg Rudedski who won Sports Personality of the Year when he reached the US Open final? Several reasons probably. Partly because he was in his twenties when he switched to GB and already established and a player. Emma is a true British girl. She grew up here and came throgh the British tennis system. Also, she won. He didn't. And she's 18 and was a qualifier. She's also better looking than Greg! She has natural beauty and charisma whereas Greg looks like Sam Masters.
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    Personally I always enjoyed the variety that speedway offered...team, individual, pairs.
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    Can’t go tomorrow but have bought a ticket to add one to the headcount
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    Why all this wingeing about Brexit? Here's a reminder for the brexit faithful who voted to leave and might be wavering - keep the faith, this list may be small but it is growing, honestly: Roaming charges - yep, got that. Food shortages due to loss of EU staff - yep, got that. According to the Food and Drink Federation chief executive the shortages will be permanent. £800 million a week loss to businesses - yep, got that. Fishermen unable to export to EU - yep, got that. Farmers future in doubt due to loss of EU workers and tariff protections - yep, got that. Mass slaughter of animals abbatoirs can't now take due to loss of EU workers - yep, got that. Less regional money from UK government than from EU - yep, got that. It's what Cornwall voted for. Restaurants closing due to loss of EU staff - yep, got that. Sturents worse off after Erasmus gone - yep, got that. HGV firms going bust due to loss of EU workers and drop in EU trade - yep, got that. Musicians unable to tour in EU - yep, got that. Supply chains collapsing due to red tape - yep, got that. Goods arriving unchecked into UK - yep, got that. Illegal migrant numbers spiralling - yep, got that. Untreated sewage dumped in rivers and sea as port problems disrupt chemical supply - yep, got that. Trade balance slump to the worst in Northern Europe - yep, got that. Climate pledges abandoned to do trade deals - yep, got that. (Thank you Australia) Massive increase in red tape for exporters - yep, got that. Trade deals on worse terms than the EU gets - yep, got that. Decline in the standing of the City - yep, got that. Loss of financial services - yep, got that. Loss of free right to travel, work or retire in EU - yep, got that. Border down the Irish sea - yep, got that. The UK union now at risk of collapse - yep, got that. Britain viewed as a deceitful country with a lying PM - yep, got that. And of course £350 million a week for the NHS - yep, got that. All these wins can be directly attributed to benefits from leaving the EU, and Brexit supporters are safe in the knowledge that there will be many more to come once Covid19 is history because Brexit is forever and many other successes will take longer to appear. So it's all good, all successful. Keep the faith and make Farage and Boris proud. Brexit is great, it's what you voted for, and I defy anyone to say otherwise.
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    Did anyone else watch the US final? Absolutely brilliant match and obviously happy that Emma won.
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    Lots of moaners on here tonight again about the track, the racing and everything else you can have a moan about but I think it was a decent meeting which kept my interest from start to finish. Far better than any GP I've seen recently which to be honest are really starting to bore the pants off me. British Speedway is not as bad as what a lot of people on this forum make it out to be ... just give it a chance and stop moaning so much.
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    Tell you what, everybody. We may have months and years to rue closure. But let's start only when the season is actually over and as and when we may find there won't be a takeover. Me, I'm looking forward to Sunday and hopefully the chance to say thank you to young Mr. Grant. After that? Who knows, but let's wait and see what happens. I'm not giving this up yet.
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    looked more like a thumbs up to say he was ok
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    I think it's better to ask the question why this nonsense is needed in the first place - in particular the testing for vaccinated people. Nothing but a racket cooked with Tory Party donors. Let's see how many people actually ever get prosecuted under this ridiculous Orwellian regime.
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    And this is where the sport in the UK has completely lost the plot and made itself look stupid. Guests, guests, guests... A member of the local rivals team helps as a guest. What an absolute joke. How can you expect fans to have any true passion for their team when it includes a member of their biggest rivals? Even more crazy when there is a member of the Monarchs team from this season sitting doing nothing that could have filled that place instead of a Tiger! And that's before we even get into the doubling up here and racing in other leagues abroad, which sees pretty much every team have "rival" riders that are team mates somewhere else...It takes so much away from the competitive team element. Is it really still a team sport at this point? Or just a bunch of individuals pulling on a random race suit/jacket each night?
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    I disagree. Poorly marketed product, high cost compared to alternative entertainment, meeting presentation 30 years out of date, dated stadia, lack of household names/world class riders, tracks that don'tproduce good racing...these are all far bigger issues than doubling up imo.
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    Doubling up is one of the major reasons in this country along with guests that is driving people away and makes it impossible to find any national sponsor. It makes the sport non credible. The sport in the uk needs to become a mix of semi pro/amateur with standard equipment in use in our leagues. It needs a major overhaul.
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    Denigrating the IOW again. What have you got against them? You completely miss the point of how they operate and why they are operating that way this year. Remember, they would have raced in the National League this year had not changes been imposed without consultation, and with no guarantee that the same wouldn't happen in the future. I am a neutral supporter- I don't have a team to follow and so no axe to grind. I want to see British speedway flourish. IOW are putting on serious speedway. I'm not sure what you mean by 'fun speedway. However, they wrap that up in first class customer service and extra fan engagement. Every other club could do the same. There must be tens of thousands of people like me who used to go, but have lost their track. IOW through its social media content attracted me to go, impress me when I attend, and keep me posted. I feel a part of their club. Kings Lynn , or any other club, could do the same, but they don't.
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    The Vaccine Sales Rep of the Year Competition is really heating up...
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    The cracks are showing. Leaving the biggest market and the wealthiest trading block in the world was always going to have consequences many of which even Brexiteers didn't predict. Oh girls and boys what have you done? https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/has-the-penny-dropped-telegraph-asks-what-is-the-point-of-brexit-290099/
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    There are crashes that make you just want to turn the tv off and that was one of them ...i really did fear the worst and thank god they got up .. scary
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    Isnt that what we do have? So, as the thread title suggests... No change next year then....

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