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  1. Kedavra

    Polish Betting 2021

    Saw the odds on heat 14 at 1/2 for leszno to win it. Emil + lidsey against fricke and pawliczak. No brainer
  2. Just to echo what Steve shovlar said last week, the twitch feed is gleaming. No pop ups or playback errors so far
  3. Kedavra

    Polish Betting 2021

    Nothing really jumping out at me odds-wise. Might just do a bit of inplay instead
  4. Tell that to people whose livelihoods are being destroyed the longer we keep restrictions in place. I'm sure those numbers far outweigh any long covid sufferers. You're so short sighted it's unbelievable.
  5. Ironic that you're accusing me of denying it's more infectious when the whole point I was making is not enough is known yet. Time will tell if it actually is any worse, with or without sage super analysts. I'm biased in the fact that nearly everyone vulnerable is vaccinated so if in 2 weeks time hospitalisations/deaths haven't gone up then it's clearly nowt to worry about.
  6. That's utter speculation and yet to be confirmed. Viruses will always mutate, and they will routinely become less deadly. A virus that kills its host isn't gonna spread very far. Who even cares if it's more infectious, the real question is if it's deadlier. 2 weeks time should tell us, and I think the flappers will be very surprised
  7. A month is just about long enough for this doom-mongering to fizzle out and for all the melts to hide back under their beds
  8. Leszno v ZG could be a massacre looking at those lineups and grudz will be praying for an 18 point max from nicki P to keep things close i imagine!
  9. I imagine it will be similar to the Kent/South African variant. Mass panic, but then no discernible change in hospitalisations/deaths which will lead it to fading into obscurity as only scary is sexy.
  10. Think we all need to be like Bobby Dingwall. Cases are irrelevant at this point in time. The most vulnerable are vaccinated. If we are gonna turd ourselves at every variant then what is the point of vaccination in the first place
  11. Think you'd need thermal imaging technology to see through the clouds of dust tbh
  12. Kedavra

    Polish Betting 2021

    That was a filthy meeting to bet on in the end!
  13. Kedavra

    Polish Betting 2021

    Heat 10 was 4/6 for the tie which was too hard to turn down. Half my initial stake back now!
  14. Hard to tell if they're racing in Poland or the Gobi bloody desert
  15. Kedavra

    Polish Betting 2021

    Double or nothing on gorzow. Wouldn't mind losing a bet if it was entertaining, but this is an absolute borefest

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