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  1. might as well have brought in Stevie Wonder that bloke would have been able to see where you were struggling
  2. thats the life of a speedway fan now you have to be grateful that something maybe happening when someone can be bothered to get on the tractor or get on the mic to maybe explain why everything is taking so long , while your newbie fan thinks why the f**k should i bother with this ancient out of date effort for entertainment
  3. doubt bears have got a big enough brown paper bag
  4. thats far to sensible to work in speedway
  5. seriously its classed as a professional sport still
  6. it is if you watch bbc or itv
  7. not saying the crash was where did i say that , time was running out and they had at least a 10 minute mess about before heat 10
  8. be surprised if anyone bothers going before long
  9. had a nice convenient surprise interval sorry track grade before heat 10 they were getting battered and wanted it abandoned
  10. What a joke Birmingham speedway are
  11. oh no how will the the forum survive
  12. homer

    Polish Betting 2021

    he don`t post anything to follow not that i would anyway , maybe he has a problem with me since he quotes me on the back end of others posts , i give up anyway since everyone thinks the sun shines from somewhere because of a few links , i have other sites where i post my speedway tips which are profitable but bollocks to posting them here
  13. homer

    Polish Betting 2021

    back to the name calling , that to me is not a tip maybe they will win by more than 10 what reasoning behind it ,you also didn`t say you were backing Byd
  14. homer

    Polish Betting 2021

    i wasn`t digging you for it more comparing as R&R slagged me for what i said about Tungate at Lodz , it don`t matter how you get them sometimes all the reasoning and thought makes sense but it doesn`t come in
  15. Richard Hall got booted out of a meeting for kicking Auty when he was on the floor when riding for Redcar at Scunthorpe could be that your thinking of

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