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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a 2002 Workington Comets badge like the one below. Please message me if you have one for sale. Many thanks.
  2. bigdave

    Wanted: BACKTRACK Magazines

    Hi, I am still looking for Issues 81 & 85 of BackTrack magazine. Please message me if you have either for sale. Thanks.
  3. bigdave

    Wanted: Speedway Star Magazines

    Updated with the latest issues of Speedway Star that I am looking for (see above)
  4. bigdave

    Wanted: BACKTRACK Magazines

    I am now looking to buy the following two issues of BackTrack magazine if you have them for sale: Issue 81 (July-August 2017) Issue 85 (March - April 2018) Please message me if you have either for sale. Many thanks.
  5. bigdave

    British Elite League 1998 results

    To get to individual riders points and heat details for 1998, I suspect that the only current source would be copies of Speedway Star magazines for that year. You can buy them on eBay but individual magazines can be expensive to buy. Your best bet is to see if someone wants to sell a collection of Speedway Star magazines that includes the 1998 season.
  6. I am looking to buy the following issues of Speedway Star Magazine: 2000: October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th December 16th 2006 October 14th 2008 November 5th 2017 February 18th, 25th March 4th, 11th Please send me a message if you have any of the above issues for sale. Thanks.
  7. I am looking to buy the following issues of BACKTRACK Magazine: Issue Date Year 46 Sep-Oct 2011 51 Jul-Aug 2012 65 Nov-Dec 2014 68 May-Jun 2015 69 Jul-Aug 2015 71 Nov-Dec 2015 81 Jul-Aug 2017 85 Mar-Apr 2018 Please PM me if you have any of the above issues for sale.
  8. bigdave

    Workington v Edinburgh 29th March 1981

    I've looked back through my early 1981Workington home programmes and subsequent meetings state that Ian Hindle held the track record of 74.5 seconds that he broke at the 29/3/81 meeting. I have also checked the completed scoresheet in the 29/3/81 Workington v Edinburgh programme for that meeting and Heat 4's time was written as 74.5 seconds. As Ian Hindle did not race in Heat 6 of that meeting, I do think that it was Heat 4 where he broke the track record. FYI. My copy of the scoresheet for that meeting has the time of Heat 6 as 75.0 seconds.
  9. bigdave

    Workington v Edinburgh 29th March 1981

    Speedway Researcher has the full meeting details: workington1981.pdf (speedwayresearcher.org.uk) Heat 4 74.5 Heat 6 74.8
  10. The Gorzow one is available for sale on eBay but the bidding currently stands at £14! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-GORZOW-GRAND-PRIX-11-12-1X-2020-BLANK-SPEEDWAY-PROGRAMME/373328059292?hash=item56ec161b9c:g:mRYAAOSwrXhfqQgu
  11. bigdave

    2017 Speedway Yearbook

    Front page books claim to have some available: http://frontpagebooks.co.uk/id9.html
  12. bigdave

    workington ..

    I posted this on Facebook yesterday. The Comets may not be racing at the moment but they are certainly not forgotten. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1047179342384636&set=gm.1670117523147657
  13. You might want to post this request on the SPEEDWAY MEMORABILIA WANTED/FOR SALE Facebook page. If you can't get a genuine jacket, there are a few companies who can make an excellent replica jacket e.g. RMR products
  14. bigdave


    Have a look at classicspeedwayvideos.com. They are uploading new dvds all the time, especially DVDs from Workington.
  15. bigdave

    For Sale: Speedway Programmes

    These programmes are still available if anyone is interested in purchasing the whole collection.

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