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  1. bendover

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    "are able to retain the money and boost their own accounts with other peoples money" the biggest scam merchants on this are insurance companies.
  2. It's been held in the lake until the owners have paid a multimillion pound fine for the damage...allegedly (Can't find the link, but reported on bbc news website)
  3. bendover


    Think it's time to review Italys place in the six nations. I'm in favour of a return to 5 nations, but realise the the loss of a game (financially) would be a non starter for the other unions. So is it a straight promotion/relegation or a play off with the championship?
  4. bendover


    What is it with England and discipline, is it poor coaching, or arrogance...this stupid penalty count has being going on too long now.
  5. bendover

    Football 2020/21

    Looks like Lys Mousset is going to get more points on his licence than united will get in the premiership https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55525813
  6. bendover


    Shaun Edwards stock as a defence coach must be going through the roof.
  7. bendover


    In 1272 the Welsh invented the condom using a sheeps lower intestine. In 1873 the English somewhat refined the idea by taking it out of the sheep first..
  8. bendover


    Always thought the top 4 seeds were always the semi-finalists from the previous tournament and not based on world rankings. ??
  9. Just playing Devils advocate here but; streaming company says to BSPA it's going to cost £xxxx . BSPA think how many will pay. Hence silly price. Rather than go if we stream it cheap more May watch...
  10. bendover

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Female joggers out at 7:00am not wearing sports bras..... very distracting for drivers Had to go round the block 3 times
  11. bendover

    Unusual drinks in pubs

    What you need to do is add blue bols or curacao to the snake bite, you end up with a green pint of loopy juice
  12. bendover

    Shamima Begum

  13. bendover

    R.I.P. Jack Charlton

    Sad, sad news. Met Jack many times as a youngster when he was Wednesday manager (he lived close by). Always had time for everyone who wanted to talk/banter. RIP big Jack.
  14. bendover


  15. bendover



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