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  1. What size was the crowd today? hope it was better than fridays
  2. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    This is just the team I'm hoping for! Do you know the team or something?
  3. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    1. Brady Kurtz 7.65 2. Lambert 5.25 3. Hansen 6.74 4. Ostergaard 7.14 5. Jack Holder 7.16 6. Tom Perry 3.76 7. Bacon 2.00 Think this is the best team we can hope for now
  4. andrew parker

    Melbourne 2016

    BT Sports 2 now have a 8-45am start time on my planner, I'm really looking forward to it
  5. Very poor post wind up or not
  6. Absolutely gutted 3 guests and R/R for Peterborough! Been looking forward to this meeting all week, think scunny will win this one now by about 12 points
  7. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers V Redcar Bears

    I think Peterborough will win by about 12 points
  8. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers V Redcar Bears

    Can anyone confirm if Robert Lambert is riding in this meeting? Not sure if there enough time to get himself and bikes back from Cardiff thats all.
  9. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers 2015

    Speedway rules are a joke theres no point debating then
  10. andrew parker

    King's Lynn Vs Poole 1st July

    This track is just as bad as Leicesters on Monday, Gate and go! when Iversen can't pass it says it all really
  11. andrew parker

    Peterborough Panthers 2015

    O dear Jacob Thorssell move blocked by the BSPA
  12. What a load of gate and go sh*t this is

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