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  1. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    You'd probably know better than myself
  2. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Spot on THJ
  3. bluejam

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Joe McLaughlin is the name you're afterI knew Joe very well and under his commercial role at Brum worked his conkers off to try and attract folk through the gates at PB and also raise sponsorship for Brum Speedway.He often antagonised folk with his approach and determination to get people through the door,but it still didn't work and ended up going down the gurgler under the Phillips promotion What can be done this time around I don't know.Crowds at PB have never been that clever and have only been swelled by away support in the past. When Jason Lyons retired(used to sponsor the fella)his parting words to myself were "it's time to get out"
  4. bluejam


    Gates had only just opened when I took the pic. Looking good indeed
  5. bluejam


    Yeah,I went yesterday for the footy
  6. Yeah,cheeky buggers indeed with the All Blacks and Wallabies Rugby Union parties both touring the British Isles this coming Autumn/Winter
  7. Tbh,I'm done in with this announcement having purchased tickets when they went on sale last year for most of the Aus.and NZ games and finalsAn absolute pain in the arse for the organisers and everyone else involved
  8. Do you want it in red and white stripes?
  9. Hey Badge I wouldn't worry too much if you think you're a thicko I've been told by a BSF tosser that I'm a Whacko for noticing folks wearing face coverings while I'm out shopping at Waitrose
  10. Have been in various Waitrose stores in the Cotswolds/West Oxfordshire since Sunday and you're quite correct
  11. bluejam

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I pass through Blaenau Gwent most days of the week whilst I'm working and the folk I encounter are very welcoming
  12. bluejam

    Football 2020/21

  13. bluejam

    Football 2020/21

  14. Another ping from the NHS Track and Trace app earlier today telling me to self isolate yet again for the second time in three weeksI think it's time to ditch the app
  15. bluejam

    Football 2020/21

    And? I watched Hull KR beat Wigan Warriors and was more entertained than the rubbishe at Wembley

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