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  1. True enough we have some Ivermectin horse wormer down the stables, would have taken it myself in my heightened state of Covid fear but I've seen what comes out of the horses
  2. Just realised how easy it would be to stop these marches. Just paint arrows on the floor in the direction they are due to take, the heroic rebels won't be able to stand it
  3. I have no idea if it's nonsense but is there potential for the PCR test with the excessive numbers of cycles often used to pick up antibodies created by the vaccines at a certain stage? However the point that cases are completely immaterial if they don't lead to hospitalisation or death is very important in my opinion.
  4. I don't agree with lockdowns or masks. Have had to work throughout because the company stayed open and think the government have taken some real liberties with the truth as far as presenting the dangers of the virus. However I go in the shop and I put a mask on and follow the arrows. Why? Mostly because my missus works in a large store and she is one of the the poor sods that has to deal with muppets like you while nobody who has any power to make changes let alone Johnson has ever heard of you. The only people you inconvenience or cause problems are those who are on relatively low wages and who risk being sacked if they retaliate, hardly heroic is it? As for the vaccine I took the best advice available to me and decided that having it was the better option, if that makes me a lab rat in your eyes I don't give a toss. You don't want the jab that is absolutely fine but personally I would then insist that you sign to say that you will not take NHS treatment for covid should you catch it. So for all your heroic activity explain what it is that you have achieved towards changing the government decisions about Covid that I haven't?
  5. 10% increase on the previous week, do we need any more evidence of how deadly the Indian variant is? Doomed - we're all doomed.
  6. Hancock says that 'early evidence from Oxford University has given the government a high degree of confidence that vaccines work against the Indian variant' Meanwhile the most visible headline on MSN just now was 'Vaccines less effective at reducing transmission of Indian variant' from the Mail. Reading the whole article is a fine example of the scaremongering we have seen from Sage and the press over the past 18 months. Vaccines 'less effective at reducing transmission of Indian variant' (msn.com)
  7. Clearly they spelled kent wrong, would be closer with an Indian accent.
  8. The most shocking thing out of all that is that plod arrived! We had another fine example of Police and public diversity locally when a young lady phoned to say that she was on her own in the house and some men were breaking into her husbands work van. They suggested she pop out and see if they were still there and obviously didn't feel the need to actually attend.
  9. Me, I think the majority just won't accept it any more. Once we go into the new limitations on Monday people will realise there is absolutely no point in the restrictions that are left and no way to police them. At least in our area apart from pubs, restaurants and clubs everything is pretty much normal anyway and I stayed in a Kings Lynn hotel at the weekend along with an awful lot of supposed business users for a Saturday night!
  10. It took a couple of months for sage to come to the conclusion that the vaccines given in the UK were effective against death and hospitalisation from covid. That is with unlimited access to all the facts and figures compiled in the way they wanted. Amazing how it's taken them a fraction of the time to judge the resistance of a new variant with a fraction of the information.
  11. Directly from that article, so that'll be another maybe then! The identity of the creditor and the nature of the debt are not disclosed in the records. Responding to the emergence of the judgment, a Number 10 spokeswoman said: "An application will be made for an order to set aside the default judgment, to strike out the claim and for a declaration that the claim is totally without merit."
  12. 3% swing to the opposition during what has been a hugely difficult spell of government is a complete disaster, there's no sugar coating it.
  13. So the past few weeks the risk from Covid has been at level 4 out of 5 - seriously, I was going to say you couldn't make it up but they very clearly do! UK COVID alert level lowered from 4 to 3 - what it means (msn.com)
  14. Just heard a lady on the radio say that she was a long time Labour supporter until recently, however now that they are 'representing minorities rather than the majority' she can no longer vote or them. Pretty good summing up of the current Labour party I thought. Supporting minorities is generally a good thing but not by ignoring the needs of the majority.
  15. but that is just the 28 days from that has always been ridiculous. I'll bet that given the number of vaccinations and who is being vaccinated that the number in percentage terms that the vaccine is responsible for is negligible. No point replacing one set of BS figures with another although I can see your point as a direct comparison of the 28 day nonsense.

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