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  1. Vince

    Why speedway is failing

    Ask Barry Bishop and Martin Widman to be in charge of bringing Speedway into the 21st century. They not only understand that these days you need to provide more than 15 heats of Speedway to make a night out but will listen to the ideas and thoughts of others. In fact they are so forward thinking that they were forced out of league Speedway in the UK!
  2. Coronaviruses are common as muck and have been around for ever, just that the press seem to use that and covid as if they are the same thing. On another subject I find it strange how the attitude to wearing masks seems to be so different from place to place. Went for a meal in a local pub Saturday and saw maybe 3 people all evening wearing a mask. Today about 1/4 of a mile from the pub went to a garden centre/ hardware shop and nearly everybody had a mask on. The garage I go in every night it is now a rarity to see a mask. No idea what makes the difference.
  3. Just heard on the news that 1/4 of all hospital "covid cases" were admitted for other reasons such as a broken leg, they seemed to be shocked by this although it appeared to be common knowledge to everybody I know. Not surprisingly the NHS want to gloss over this as it is the total number of cases that indicates the pressure they are under as far as they are concerned. So we have 25% of hospital admittances regarded as Covid for other reasons really. Then it seems that asymptomatic cases make up between 28% and 80% of the total positive PCR test cases depending who you believe and how the test is followed up and you could be forgiven for wondering whether the pressure may not need to be as high as it is.
  4. Undoubtedly, they should award themselves a pay rise for their heroism.
  5. I'm not so sure about MX, seen electric bikes there and exactly the same problem with the lack of noise, whether it is something that we would get used to I'm not sure, after all nobody was ever going to watch Speedway again when silencers were introduced. Grass Track and Speedway are similar but not the same though, what works on Grasstrack won't necessarily transfer to Speedway. I went to watch the upright Championships a couple of weeks back, really good value for money with lots of races. Plenty of old bikes there with the pre-75 class and some of the racing was excellent throughout the classes. Not a big difference between the uprights and laydowns to watch, for my money though the best to watch were still the modern 500s. Whether that is because it is what the younger lads ride or the bikes it's difficult to say but it is what the younger competitors want to ride so why risk losing them? I regularly rode a modern 450 MX bike on shale ovals until a couple of years ago and now ride a 750 Norton (old one). It's not much like riding a Speedway bike. The tyres being road legal rather than knobblies are what makes it difficult but put Speedway tyres on and we would only be able to slide coming off the corners because we just don't have the flywheels to turn in on the throttle consistently when there is a lot of grip. Some of the racing, especially in the Pro class at DTRA Flat Track meetings is incredible but apart from family and friends attracts one man and his dog to spectate live on a good day, and it's normally free. For some reason though it seems to be really press friendly and attracts good coverage Europe wide, was popular on TV, especially with racers from other disciplines, a few years back too. Speedway can't afford to do that because if the riders aren't paid they wouldn't be able to race in a league for long. However I think what the IOW are doing with running modern bikes as the main event team sport then other classes in support is the way to go. The Speedway should still attract those wanting team events and the other classes add value to the evening. Even if the additional classes only bring a few friends through the gate it's still a chance to show Speedway to a new audience.
  6. You just aren't getting it!
  7. Recently watched an all electric flat track race on an oval. The winner was an ex British champion on an expensive and very well set up Alta developed with his help in the US. He was amazing on it and set times that would have seen him podium in the Pro class final. However despite the speed there was very definitely something missing with regard to excitement. On the other hand you would instantly do away with one of the biggest problems Speedway now has as a city centre sport. Personally I don't think there is anything to be gained by moving away from methanol engines. Large manufacturers aren't going to invest heavily in Speedway, the sales numbers would be miniscule in their terms and the exposure largely to non motorcycle people when it comes to Speedway fans. Speedway engines are expensive to maintain if you think of it as an hourly cost but in per race terms not quite as bad. An awful lot of that cost could be lessened by a standard engine rule that didn't require the engine to be full of parts that cost 2 or 3 times as much as those from the manufacturer. That would also let more riders do their own general servicing with perhaps one visit per year to a tuner/ engine builder. I think a minimum stroke /return to long stroke - engines would benefit the sport in many ways. The fact they burn a clean fuel should be used as a positive in promoting the sport.
  8. Are COVID vaccines working as expected? (msn.com) Pity the same degree of logic wasn't applied by the press to the virus from the outset.
  9. So if several newspapers, a Nasa spokesman, a few web sites and a couple of government ministers tell us there is a Spitfire on the moon we can take it as gospel?
  10. Our local Health trust has been sending teams out to the Philippines recruiting for years now and I'm sure will continue to do so. Seems like there are some very dedicated people who make up what seems like quite a large team and give up their time working in Hampshire to selflessly go each year, it's definitely not a jolly I'm assured.
  11. But there still isn't a petrol engine I know of that has or even has room for the flywheels found on speedway bikes. The flywheel weight is what allows a Speedway bike to broadside better than anything else, lose the flywheels and you lose the real essence of speedway.
  12. I think Rich is spot on, methanol allows high compression and big flywheels which not only gives the right sort of power needed but a lot of engine braking too. The problem with road engines (or MX etc) on Speedway has always been the lack of flywheel effect.
  13. All the time it includes asymptomatic cases I think so.
  14. Must admit that whenever I see or hear the phrase "cases are rising" now there is a voice in my head that automatically says "oh f**k off with your bs" Don't see that changing until they only include people showing symptoms.
  15. 18 months in and this is my current opinion. The Government: have been too easily pressured by the media and as ever winning votes has come ahead of the well being of the voters. Doing the same thing over and again while expecting different results is said to be a definition of insanity, if so we have an insane bunch making the decisions about Covid. There is no doubt that they have manipulated the figures and told lies and half truths to fit their case and instil fear in the public at large. Anybody using the models produced by Ferguson should be automatically shot for treason. In my opinion you can just about forgive the first lockdown when so much was unknown but since then there have been far better courses that could have been followed. The long term effects of lockdown both for health and economic reasons will be devastating. They did very well as far as obtaining and rolling out the vaccine. However I do very firmly believe that the level of control attempted if comrade Corbyn had been in charge (or even Starmer) would have been much worse. It has emphasised the disdain the political establishment, whatever side of the fence and voted for or professional, has for the general public. Cummings in particular should have been fired the minute the story was known. Sage: We have very deliberately been led to believe that this is a body of experts in the field of virus behaviour and control. The truth is quite different and the make up is a very broad spectrum of experts in various fields. It is very important to know that the advisors are chosen by the leader. He is never going to risk being undermined by having experts who don't agree with his views on board. I have read that the members of Sage are unpaid (although presumably their normal jobs continue to pay them). I have also read that their expenses claims can be viewed with awe by those previous experts of the dodgy claim, MP's, whether that is true I have no idea. The vaccines: undoubtedly still not fully tested I still believe that it makes sense for the vulnerable of our society to take them, that is those who are older and suffer from illnesses that make them more likely to be seriously ill or die from Covid. I don't see any sense in making, or even asking those who are running a miniscule risk of being seriously ill with covid and that it is a complete nonsense to even suggest children take it. Anti vaxxers: mostly the numbers and comments I see are in the same vein as those used by the government to create panic over Covid. I also keep seeing that it only protects those who take it but surely that is all any vaccine does. The virus: I believe that Covid is a very serious virus that has killed many thousands, however fairly early on it became clear that it mostly (not only!) killed the old and the sick so that is who needed protecting. The average age of those dying from Covid being so close to average mortality age tells a very important story that has been kept fairly well hidden from so many. Long covid I don't know about but given the symptoms I suspect that like ME a very large proportion of sufferers will come from a relatively small number of job types. Testing: the lateral flow test is of absolutely no use whatever and the pcr test is a joke the way it is used. The deaths within 28 days is an even bigger joke. Conspiracy: easy to see why some people think this is all leading somewhere. However that would require all politicians worldwide to have a plan and be acting on it in secrecy and co-operating with each other. Given that generally politicians fail to distinguish between arse and elbow I think it is very unlikely they can do this and it's a massive balls up.

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