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  1. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham v Redcar ko Cup,

    I've said it before with the Commonwealth Games coming to Perry Barr this should be a great chance to get a new track built in the park. I hope someone is talking to the council/games organisers to see if this could be a possibility. I know at lot of people are against another move away from the spirituality home of the Brummies, but you need to look at the facts. Greyhound racing is almost being forced out of existence by some so how long will that continue at the stadium. And more importantly as OGT mentions when all the new neighbours move in how long will they put up with noise and dust blowing around when they want to chill out on a summers evening. Now is a great chance to get a purpose built track with a multi use center green. I can think of other cities where it would be very much on the radar and most likely pushed forward by the council. Look at the NSS up north and the plans for the new Brandon stadium backed by the local council. I can understand objections about using part of the park but that could be countered by the use of the center green for sports and noise objections can be countered by the fact the track could be built next the banking and noise protecting fencing provided by the M6. Which in itself is a 24/7 noise and pollution issue in the area.
  2. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Loving the last 3 fixtures of the season, I don't think its going to happen but imagine if Birmingham are in with a chance of the play offs going into those last 3 meetings, what a weekend away that could be.Stuff it don't matter if we are bottom of the league still gonna be a great weekend Only thing that could make it better is if the SPL fixture gods give HMFC a home game on the Saturday, Sporting heaven
  3. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Some of the new apartments will be closer and taller with and more populated and most importantly a year round residency and ownership, not just students renting for a few months over 2 or 3 years. I'm not here to rock the boat i'm just highlighting the new planning of 20/12/18, I hope I really hope it wont be an issue but …....
  4. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Okay so its not an issue, we'll wait and see. However you still miss the point. With the Commonwealth games coming this could be a unique opportunity, why not start asking the question of the legacy committee. "How about building a new track?" If People are happy with what they have got good luck to them. Basically it's Kirky Lane or maybe just maybe a NSS. I hope someone in Birmingham will at least ask the Question?
  5. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Seriously, look at the plans those apartment blocks are just across the road from the track, people aren't going to like the noise however short it maybe. And if it's not going to be a problem the council need to say so ASAP, because I can't see how the club can move forward whilst this is an issue. Also look at the bigger picture this could be a wonderful chance for improvement. Yes I agree the Wheels which was in Bordesley (not Bordesley Green) didn't work. but it was half hearted at best, a nightmare to get to, it was never really finished and what could have been a great track got ruined by stock car racing. I would never expect Perry Park to become “A designated park for wheeled/noisy motorsports” but more an area for 2 wheeled sports its already got the BMX track. What the Heck why not build a velodrome there as well because at the moment the isn't one for the commonwealth games in Birmingham. And you mention Perry Barr being the spiritual home, a move to Perry Park would keep speedway in Perry Barr. After all from 71-83 Birmingham raced at another track in Perry Barr so it's been done before. And the current set up as good as it is, is far from the 1940's or even the 1970's at the other place. Also a move might open up the opportunity to have far more race nights, a training track, international meetings why just settle for “ 25 meetings a season, one day a week “ It better than nothing but is it really going to lead to a great future? I guess one big stumbling block would be the lose of park land but if just by chance the greyhounds and speedway moved to Perry Park, the land at the current track could be used as park land for the new residents right on their door step. The old grandstand could stay and converted, maybe in to a community centre or bar/restaurant and retail. A move may never happen and I understand many may not want it to happen, but I fear with so much Re-development going on speedway may get squeezed out. Time for people to expand their minds and start thinking outside of the centre green
  6. Pirio Barre

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Interesting that it is a five year plan, as this was published on 20/12/18 by the Birmingham City Council Planning Committee Commonwealth Games Planning Main point of interest for speedway is 4.16 "• Noise has not been adequately assessed particularly in relation to the existing Speedway venue. This needs to be considered to avoid conflicts with future residents." By the end of all the regeneration the track will be next door to a housing estate. Summer evenings with the windows open and the sound of motorbikes and dust echoing around the new towers don't think the new residents will be happy. Hopefully over the next few years the club can work with the Council and the Commonwealth games legacy commission to secure the future of speedway either at the current venue or a new venue. It would be a terrible indictment to the legacy of the games if it ended with finally killing off a sport in the City that would have been close to its 100 anniversary Far better that as part of the sporting legacy other sports not taking place in Commonwealth games could benefit. Maybe the possibility of a new track and stand being built in Perry Park close to the current BMX track and noise level issues are slightly reduced as it is right next to the M6 which is banked at that point. That area of the park could become dedicated to 2 wheeled sport but also the inside of the track could be used as a football/rugby pitch. As I say hopefully rather than a negative people can work together to create something positive.
  7. Pirio Barre

    Coventry V Cradley Nl Koc Sf 26/9/14

    May I suggest that you stop posting about things you have no idea about. Then freak off back to watching videos of Torvill and Dean or maybe john curry if that’s your thing.
  8. Pirio Barre

    Coventry V Cradley Nl Koc Sf 26/9/14

    Took 3 members of the family along tonight, the first time all 3 had been to a speedway meeting. Luckily they are all adults and weren’t affected by what went on. But if I’d taken 3 children along tonight and witnessed what happened I’d be absolute furious that they had to see that. I’m no angel, but tonight was shocking really shocking. I’m not going to make any comment about after the race I’ll leave that up to officials, but I agree with Abbo that the ref really should have been stronger and sorted out the start line run in, I sensed and many around me felt something bad was going to happen. Best wishes to Oliver G and the mechanic.
  9. Yet again Wolverhampton pimping themselves in a desperate attempt to get fans from other club to turn up on the night, and maybe continue to attended meetings at Monmore Green, This all started with the free bus from Perry Barr in 1984, Have they no faith in their own supporters to turn up. Shocking by CVS to cash in on other fans not having a home team to follow. Or maybe its great promotion, get 3 sets of away fans attending a meeting many home fans may not fancy, and also get publicity and good will from the visiting fans for highlighting there clubs Kind of thing that should have happened at Perry Barr I can never understand why there wasn’t a Bulls v Heathens fixture once a year at Perry Barr as a full meeting or a as a 5 heat challenge a couple of times a year after the main meeting.
  10. Pirio Barre

    Boycott Meeting- Fans Union Of Thespeedway

    I once walked out of a “Poole Wildcats” meeting as a protest,but not about the nickname (yeah there was a time when they weren’t called the Pirates) my protest was about the referee, I went and got some fish and chips then walked back the hotel. I gained a lot of credit from my pals at the time, but ultimately the world kept turning and nothing changed, other than i didn't get to see the end of the meeting.
  11. not so much a trial more a treasure hunt ...............You are Dave Cheshire and I claim my 5 pounds
  12. Stan, you seem to be a passionate fan and of an age to remember and indeed able to have attended meetings in the 80’s so I’d like to know how many home Birmingham meetings did you attend between 84-86 i hope youare not like so many Birmingham fans of a certain age who attended in the 70’s maybe even in the 50’s but conveniently skip over the 80’s. It all very fine backing a campaign in 2002 to get speedway back in Birmingham, it's just a shame the very same fans didn’t back them in the mid 80’s. Anyone can sit at home writing letters to the media / council but the true fans turn up home (and away) week in week out .
  13. It might also be the case that the Cov promotion are planning for the future, after all who knows they may need to find a temporary or even permanent home for their team in the next couple of years.
  14. Cheers AC, apologies if you have needed to repost your earlier reply to answer my question., As you state it may need the new promotion not only to have cleared the debt with the stadium owners but also be prepared to possible pay alot of rent in advance or for the GRA to feel very positive about the new promation to gain the right to operate.
  15. I look forward to reading the thread with the title “The all new adventures of the Birmingham Brummies”

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