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  1. colin


    Cheers Cookie, much appreciated. Colin
  2. colin


    I am rebuilding a J.A.P 500 and am after a source for spares/replacement parts. Any info will be a great help. Cheers Colin
  3. colin

    Barry Briggs

    An excellent day out, good to see some of the heroes of yesteryear, together with a fine assortment of machinery both new(ish) & old. And what can you say about the (other) legend himself Sammy Miller an excellent host. Colin
  4. colin

    Weslake 4 Valve

    Hi oultonpark & welcome, the total loss system does what it say's really, oil is pumped into the engine to lubricate main bearing, big end etc & is pumped up to lube the top end, & is then expelled out through a flap valve type arrangement at the base of the engine. Basically the compression of the engine allows the flap to open & close thus expelling the oil. By the way a 4 valve Wessy (approx started manufacture in the mid to late seventies) is far younger than a 2 valve jawa. Good luck Colin
  5. colin

    Did Anyone Go

    Popped along to the Classic off road show at Malvern on Saturday Brilliant to listen to Lew Coffin recall his thoughts about Simon Wigg, Excellent display of speedway Grass/long track bikes, rounded off with firing up of Bruce Penhall's 82 Wessie. Room for improvement as with all things but lets hope this continues. Colin
  6. On the Prague trip it mentions a trip to the Jawa factory. Has anyone been? is it any good? cheers Colin
  7. colin

    Rider Fashion

    Seem to recall Leicester having red & yellow 'team leathers' in the early seventies. Or was I dreaming? colin
  8. Another masterpiece from Mr Clemens & his keyboard. colin
  9. colin

    A Legend Amongst Legends - An Ace Amongst Aces

    I always remember seeing his name in the Oxford programme as the Oxford track record holder 63 seconds if I recall correctly & set in the year he passed away. Think it was never beaten, would have loved to have seen him race. Colin
  10. colin

    Jap Speedway Engines

    On my Jap the engine No (it dates it at 1958) is on the timing side crankcase at the very front, but the cases are not a pair, both seem to be different materials, however on a pair of (matched) cankcases that I have, the engine no is on the drive side side case and is in a different (bigger) form of type face. Perhaps a case has been replaced (probably) at some time. I have a copy of the J.A.P by Jeff Clew which has engine No. details, if you need the info I can write it out for you. Sorry not very helpful. Colin
  11. colin

    Weymouth Round Under 15's

    Yes a big well done to Brendan, having watched & enjoyed his progress at Oxford this year, I believe this youngster is one for the future. Again, well done to the young man and as Allen Trump said last night this guy gives 'nothing less than 100 per cent'. I hopefully will see & enjoy his progress in the the sport. Colin
  12. colin

    Chris Harris

    Chris Harris, Cometh the hour cometh the Man. Well done to the youngster, made a wet day so sunny Colin Edited to add- So did a certain Ms bird it would appear
  13. I see that the postal workers have voted in favour of industrial action today. Is there a contingency plan for the tickets? Colin
  14. colin

    Open Soon?

    Thanks for that, I'm due a bath soon so I will get meself up there soon after!! Colin
  15. colin

    Open Soon?

    When does the museum open to the great unwashed, sorry joe public? Been looking forward to a visit. Colin

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