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  1. Dacckarna will use R/R for Doyle but Thorsell will ride.
  2. Alexander Woentin switches club from Vetlanda to Piraterna.
  3. Swedish 2021 season Squads, transfers, rumours rules for the Swedish 2021 season Official rule book for 2021 League/classes info Elitserien 9 teams, race days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last placed team in Elitserien are demoted to Allsvenskan for 2018. Allsvenskan Div 1 youth (85cc) series. Only one series due to the new 250cc series. 250cc new series more info TBA. micro speedway, class only no series. Teams are due at 28 February 2021 Squad sizes Elitserien 8 riders with an average greater then 0,500 Allsvenskan 8 riders with an average greater then 0,500 including guestriders. Junior series: 2 riders and 1 reserve Meeting lineups: Lineups for Elitserien have to be registered online at Svemo.se at the latest 20.00 (away team) / 21.00 (home team) two days ahead of the scheduled meeting. Lineups for Allsvenskan have to be registered online at Svemo.se at the latest 21.00 (away team) / 21.30 (home team) two days ahead of the scheduled meeting. The two riders in the line-ups with the lowest floating average rides as reserves unless a rider with less then 12 heats ridden have a lower season entry average then any of the those two riders. For Allsvenskan the following applies: The two Swedish riders with the lowest rolling average will ride at positions 6 and 7. Post season championship cup (Playoffs) Elitserien -- teams 1-2 are seeded to the semi finals. Team 3-6 will meeting in the quarter-finals where team 3 will choose opponent (5 or 6) and if they want to start at home or not. Team 4 can choose if they want to start at home or away. The same goes for the semi finals and final. Highest placed team chooses opponent and or if to start home or away. Allsvenskan, TBA. Relegation and promotion No relegation from Elitserien for 2021 seasons No automatic promotion from Allsvenskan after 2021 season. Allsvenskan teams have to apply for promotions and several criteria will be looked at. Swedish rider quotas: Elitserien Rider 6 and the optional nr 7 . Allsvenskan Tactical substitutes / Riders Replacement and etc Tactical substitutes are available from heat 6 as long as the team is 8 points behind. all riders can be used once R/R available for maximum one rider/meeting R/R available for the 5 riders with the highest average. all but one of the riders taking the R/R heats have to have a lower average then the rider they are replacing. Of the riders with higher average only the one with the closest higher average. reserves have to ride in all of their three scheduled heats. R/R is allowed to be used in moved meetings (i.e. postponed) where the rider is occupied by a another league meeting. For a more thorough explanation of the R/R rule see this post. Guest riders Not used in Elitserien For Allsvenskan not limit on amount but they count towards the squad limit for 8 riders with an average greater then 0,500. Averages: Average limits: Elitserien average cap is 10.250 Elitserien average floor is 8.000 Allsvenskan average cap is 10.250 No Allsvenskan 2020 Allsvenskan : TBC/TBA . Season entry averages (ingångssnitt). Are based on the previous seasons scores and are calculated by dividing points with the amount of ridden heats.Season entry average is used to select 7 riders for the lineup and stays the same the entire season. This means that a team can use the same riders the entire season regardless of how much their averages changes during the season. . Floating/Alternating/Rolling average (löpande snitt). The floating average is re-calculated after each meeting using the points/heat formula.12 heat is required for obtaining a floating average . Until a riders has a floating average the season entry average will determine if a rider will ride at reserve or not.. Transfer window: Replaced by transfer cards for Elitserien and Allsvenskan. Each teams has 7 transfer cards and can use them when they have completed at least 2 but no more then 75 percent of their meetings. Heat schedule Grading pauses are pre-decided and after the same heats for all tracks and will be done after heats 3, 6, 9 and 12. Elitserien will have fixed gates for heat 1-12, home team chooses if the go off gate 1+3 or 2+4 in heat 13-15, so either 1/3, 2/4 , 1/3 or the opppsite. Division 1 will use a 5 man heat schedule of the same type that is used in Denmark. Race cards: https://www.svemo.se/globalassets/speedway/dokumentcenter/korschema/korschema_2.15.6-7-elit.pdf (6 rider teams). Heat 13-14-15: Elitserien Heat 13 : the two lowest scoring riders from each team. Heat 14 : the two middle scoring riders from each team. Heat 15: the two top scorers from each team. Heat 14 & 15: Allsvenskan Heat 14 according to schedule Heat 15 The team manager can nominate two of the three best scoring riders, excluding reserves.. Aborted meetings: 8 heats requires for result to stand. Attendances: Elitserien: 2017: https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=992 2018: https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=1142 2019. https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=1193 http://www.aktuellspeedway.se/sverige/elitserien/publik/ Allsvenskan: https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=993 https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=1143 https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Serie/Audience/AudienceStatistics.aspx?SerieId=1194 http://www.aktuellspeedway.se/sverige/allsvenskan/publik/ Results pages: https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Speedway/tavling/dagenstavlingar/ (today's meetings) https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier (Current season) http://old.svemo.se/sv/Grenar/Speedway/ (old site, for results from previous seasons). http://speedwayupdat...i?board=Swedish http://www.sportowefakty.pl/zuzel http://www.live.espeedway.pl/ TV/Live streaming (streams are pay per view): A new deal have been signed with a sport rights holding company more info TBC/TBA. Premiersports will continue though according to @Dave Goodard. C more (Sportkanalen). Premier sports. (unconfirmed for 2021). ESS play (not live, will have all meetings the day after each meeting is finished). Individual Swedish Championship (SM): TBA for 2021 Official averages for 2021 can be found here: https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Resultat/Speedway/Serier https://www.svemo.se/globalassets/speedway/dokumentcenter/ingangssnitt/faststallda-ingangsnitt-for-elitserien-och-allsvenskan-2020.pdf Google Earth i made a google earth file with locations and basic info for the teams in Elitserien and Allsvenskan. get it here: http://www.mediafire...zoxknxrk3eaq1nk (updated October 2012) In the posts below click track names for links to Google Maps. Team build documents: Team build 2018 (.odt /.xls format) The info in the first three posts+a longer introduction text are now available here: Info for 2018 season can be found in this post: http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=67537&page=91&do=findComment&comment=3032910
  4. Live scores USM: https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Competition/IndividualDrivingSchedule/CompetitionLiveResult.aspx?Branch=Speedway&Columns=CompetitionInfo,Branch,Name,Arena,FromDateShort&Datefilter=Today&pagesize=6&CompetitionId=12566 Live scores JSM: https://ta.svemo.se/Public/Pages/Competition/IndividualDrivingSchedule/CompetitionLiveResult.aspx?Branch=Speedway&Columns=CompetitionInfo,Branch,Name,Arena,FromDateShort&Datefilter=Today&pagesize=6&CompetitionId=12567
  5. Current standings (team, number of meetings completed, won, draw, losses, team bonus points, won points-lost points team points) Smederna 9 8 0 1 1 462 - 348 17 Lejonen 10 7 0 3 2 476 - 424 16 Västervik 10 5 2 3 2 472 - 428 14 Vetlanda 10 5 1 4 1 432 - 468 12 Dackarna 9 5 1 3 0 445 - 365 11 Masarna 10 3 1 6 1 428 - 472 8 Rospiggarna 9 3 1 5 0 387 - 422 7 Indianerna 10 3 1 6 0 418 - 482 7 Piraterna 9 0 1 8 0 349 - 460 1
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    Dusty Hill

    ZZ-top's first Europeans concert at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany in 1980 which was broadcasted on the Rockpalst on German tv. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH4hCeJrs44 https://ultimateclassicrock.com/zz-top-germany-1980/
  8. Track was too dry initially but improved significantly. Peter Karlsson speculated that Indianerna didn't want to water the track as much as normally due to the risk of rain.
  9. https://www.svemo.se/Sporter/Speedway/Resultat/BAUHAUSLigan/Serietabell/
  10. Saturday is the last day for teams to use the transfer cards and there is rumour that Woffinden has signed for a Swedish team.
  11. Masarna says in an FB post that their spectator capacity with the current restrictions is 1300.
  12. Västervik have confirmed RR for Lindgren.
  13. Both Lindgren and Lambert have been put as nr 2 = R/R.
  14. Attendance was announced as 1536 which is almost the same as the previous meeting against Västervik. However it was less people in the attendance today so I think the attendance against Västervik was >2000 because it looked like allot more then 1500. Decent meeting, expected Masarna to offer a better opposition due to them having performed well in last week's meetings. Track had allot of grip and many of the riders struggled some with the track. Also with the heavy rain shower that arrived about 2 hours before the meeting, good work getting the track into ridable condition. IMO the same goes for Västervik which also suffered allot of rain during the afternoon. Gislaved is usually not the good but the same here with lots of rain for several hours. I see it as very good by just getting a race one.
  15. Highlights: Rospiggarna - Vetlanda https://www.elitspeedway.com/play/video/126992?provider=staylive&autoplay=1 Smederna-Masarna https://www.elitspeedway.com/play/video/126995?provider=staylive&autoplay=1 Västervik - Dackarna https://www.elitspeedway.com/play/video/126996?provider=staylive&autoplay=1 Lejonen - Indianerna https://www.elitspeedway.com/play/video/127004?provider=staylive&autoplay=1
  16. Lejonen - Indianerna first heat expected to start in a few minutes now.
  17. Avon van Dyck is 18 and Sammy is 15.
  18. They are two younger riders (brothers)
  19. Track work in progress at Gislaved, first heat no later than 20.30 Swedish time.
  20. Smederna - Masarna delayed to approx 19.20 Swedish time.
  21. After checking the rain radar again , Smederna-Masarna and Västervik-Dackarna should be able to go ahead. Lejonen-Indianerna still doubtful. https://www.smhi.se/vader/radar-och-satellit/radar-blixt/q/Eskilstuna/2715953#layerselected=5min

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