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  1. scunny1

    Scunthorpe vs Poole 30.07.2021

    Looks a difficult meeting on paper and everyone needs to be on their A game. Having said that, the potentially difficult home matches were easier won and the harder matches were against the lesser fancied teams.
  2. scunny1

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe 24/7

    Massive amount of points to replace our number 1 and we go r/r!!! All we can hope for is a rain off, pretty poor from our promotion.
  3. scunny1

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Personally I would rather pay £17 with a free programme at Scunny, than have to pay extra admission or, extra payment for a programme.
  4. scunny1

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    If Scunthorpe Scorpions really have ambition, then Mr Godfrey has to bite the bullet again and make changes. Loyalty goes out of the window and Josh Macdonald has to go, we cannot carry passengers. I don't care if he has come halfway around the world .
  5. scunny1

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Ellis is expected to gain more points at away matches, that was Rob's thinking, so lets see how it pans out starting tonight.
  6. scunny1

    Scorpions v Bandits 02.07.2021

    Sometimes a win seems like a loss-gave a point to the Bandits tonight.
  7. scunny1

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    A very fair and balanced write up of the match on the Edinburgh Monarchs site.
  8. scunny1

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    Saw something from him saying hopefully back next week. Nothing broken but battered and bruised.
  9. scunny1

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    I am sure even the most fervent away supporters from Glasgow and Edinburgh must have enjoyed their visits to the EWR, despite the results for them. The last 30 Championship heats at the EWR have produced some exceptional racing and all credit to riders of the three teams. Yesterday from the outset it was clear The Monarchs are a top heavy team and fairly weak for the other 4 positions. Around the EWR , any of the Scorpion riders are capable of big scores and Yesterday that proved the case. Jordan Palin had a terrific meeting for someone still very young and learning their trade and looks a fine prospect for the future big stage. Special shout out to our guest, sometimes guests just go through the motions, but yesterday Ully was well up for the task. It was nice to see him taking his plaudits and ever smiling, well done sir. Only negative from the meeting ,after two showers I am still getting shale out of my hair!
  10. scunny1

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    Tight wad, just pay your quid. Hope you get it back
  11. Must have been in the stand after the start where the P.A. system is crap.
  12. Well at least the weather forecast is looking much better! Hope Tero is ok and Jake does better than at Leicester tonight.
  13. Market Hill Fisheries Winterton- one of the best in the country according to Telegraph.
  14. scunny1

    Scunthorpe v Eastbourne 4th June

    Always on a wing and a prayer when riders double up, knowing they are racing on Thursday and then for us on the Friday. Well at least Josh is back

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