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  1. CardinalSin

    Plymouth 2016

    I take it you mean me? I never "disappeared" anywhere! And I didn't lose the bet for crying out loud, you're STILL wrong!!!
  2. CardinalSin

    Somerset 2016

    Tungate for Somerset I'm hearing. Possibly on a full transfer too.
  3. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    That isn't what you were basically saying at all. You said and I quote, "Covatti started at reserve last year and will undoubtably find it tougher riding in the likely no 5 position." He rode a fully four months of the season riding at number 5 and didn't find it "tougher" at all, he was like shi t off a shovel.
  4. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    And today Simmons has followed James Sarjeant, Covatti, Darryl Ritchings, Paco Castagna and Mike Bacon. Just name him and be done with it. Team looks good to me I'm excited to see some new faces. That top four should score plenty between them!
  5. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    Think Mike already knows judging by his last two follows on twitter! Not too sure on that line up to be honest. Looks a pretty long tail to me and I'm not sure about Nielsen in the 1-5 either. You'd expect good points from King, Kerr, Covatti and Risager most meetings though so looks competitive but I don't think it'll be one of the pre-season favourites.
  6. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    That's gone over my head. Who is Eddie?
  7. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    Other than King and Covatti who look certainties, who is the one rider you have more than a hunch will line up for the Witches next season? I'll go Risager.
  8. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    He's not likely to collect his Mr Rocket award and then make a speech saying "thanks for this by the way I'm off" is he Shads I don't believe we'll sign him as it goes because King is pretty much nailed on and I just can't see Louis going that top heavy. You'd think Kennett would be the first Rocket signed up wouldn't you? Most like to get their number one's done first so I'm sure this rumour will be put to bed pretty quickly.
  9. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    Roland seems convinced and to be fair he's not one known for a wind up. We'll soon find out.
  10. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    That's twice you've mentioned Kennett in a few days, and you seem pretty confident in your last post! Have you heard something from a reliable source Roland? I know plenty think top heavy would be the way to go and I agree also. The top heavy teams nearly always seem to ride off with the trophy, but having two nine and a half pointers is a bit overkill isn't it? Would be interesting though at least!
  11. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2015

    It does make it all the more interesting and we'll all have a rough idea of how ready the lad is for PL racing. Comes very highly rated, and apparently has a crowd pleasing racers style so I'm looking forward to seeing him. Always nice to see Scotty on the Heath too so all in all looking forward to it.
  12. CardinalSin

    Ipswich 2016

    King is a cert to return as long as he wants another year in the PL. Would be very surprised to see Tungate return also I think Louis will have lost patience with him this year we'll see.
  13. Me neither. He's come up with so much obvious bullsh it that I don't believe a single word he posts.
  14. "Ipswich Team Manager, Phil Hilton, was extremely pleased with his team's performance: "That's more like it - a very positive attitude in the pits tonight with everyone contributing on the track as well." "Co-promoter, John Louis, added "What an enjoyable meeting after what has happened in recent weeks. The atmosphere in the pits was so positive tonight - now to keep it going and move up that table!" http://www.ipswichwitches.co/index.php/news-centre/976-witches-cast-a-spell-over-devils

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