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  1. Wee Eck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    An interesting version not worth wasting time over. I’ll happily stick with the truth. Anyone interested can look online at the statement of affairs.
  2. Wee Eck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    To be strictly accurate, the liquidators received £500. The “lost” money was whatever Rob Grant paid the previous owners of the company, Newspeed 2003 Limited, only to discover he’d bought a company with a claimed liability to HMRC.
  3. Wee Eck

    Brummies v Tigers 9/6

    I find James’ approach confusing as I would expect that he has the potential to earn more in the long term from speedway but concentrates on grass track and long track to the extent that his race style doesn’t work for speedway - he needs to get his backside off the saddle as he goes into the bends. He has been told and put it to good use, but then reverts to his old style. Although only 24, he’s been racing since 2013 so I’m not sure when “he will get better”. I’m sure he’s enjoying himself, but the Brummies need riders who will improve over the season if they’re not going to be also rans
  4. They want the stadium demolished and to be joint developers with the town for all the new flats that the council (BCP) want to build on the site. They are using their long lease of the site as leverage
  5. It was my opinion, maybe badly phrased, that, although James was top scorer, it was the whole team that came through on the night. The expectation was that Newcastle would struggle at Armadale but they produced a great result. If you look at the headline numbers, it could be taken that the reason why Newcastle did so well was because of James, but actually, James simply did his job well. He didn’t beat either of Edinburgh’s top two, but managed to get amongst the points by beating riders who simply didn’t perform. Anyway, it’s looking as if the teams collective efforts on Friday will come to nothing as the Monarchs have come out with all guns blazing this afternoon….
  6. Just my view. James Wright is a former Premier League Riders Champion and former Scottish Open Champion so, although coming back from retirement, he’s no novice. Edinburgh last night were two heat leaders, four also rans and a non-scoring reserve. Wright beat non scoring Wooler twice, Greaves once, was 1-1 with Thomson, 2-1 against Lawson, who often tails off as the meeting goes on and 2-0 against Pickering, one being when Pickering fell. So that’s really just once. James was in good form on a track he knew well, so should have been expected to do well when 4 of the Monarchs were struggling. Had they ridden to previous form, he wouldn’t have done so well, in my view, hence my conclusion that seems to have upset you. The second leg will be interesting. If these four Monarchs race according to normal form, I doubt James will do as well. But that’s only my opinion.
  7. Not sure what went wrong for Edinburgh tonight but just as well Kyle Howarth was a poor guest for Newcastle. At 36-36 after heat 12, Edinburgh were unlikely to lose as they should power to 5-1s at home in 13 and 15, which proved the case. The score that really shows what happened is the last places: Edinburgh won that 10-5. James Wright might have been top scorer for Newcastle, but he didn’t really beat anyone that he shouldn’t have. It was the strong overall scoring by Newcastle that kept this close with a special mention due to Adam Roynon on what I’d guess was his first meeting at Armadale for a very long time. Edinburgh management will have expressed their disappointment at the performance of some of the team so the return leg is likely to be a different story. I’d expect an aggregate Edinburgh win unless Newcastle can field a competitive number one. Even then, it’s likely to be close.
  8. Wee Eck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    TBH, I thought that was what Dave meant. So Tattum is still a promoter but no longer part of the track maintenance team?
  9. Wee Eck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    This is what I was referring too. I’m not sure I agree with Dave’s conclusion.
  10. Wee Eck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    One day, maybe the full story will be told but, although there are elements of bad luck involved with events at Newcastle, there’s maybe also a hint that an inexperienced promoter has been caught out by an insistence on doing things his way? We now have the third ex-promoter joining him, someone who, at 75, is not only the oldest, but also the one with the least recent experience. I really hope Newcastle survives, but also hope that Rob not only finds someone with real experience to help him, someone he’ll listen to, but also one young enough to help him build the future, not just continue with the past.
  11. Wee Eck

    Kings Lynn v Wolves 27/5

    Well, that’s almost as short a retirement as Josh Auty’s
  12. Clearly, you didn’t read my reply….. and I spotted my mistake as soon as I posted but it doesn’t actually change anything. I’ve never heard of Smart DNS nor Smart DND but am happy that my life is not diminished because of that. But I guess my bank balance will be better off. For the record, I watched British speedway tonight live on Eurosport. On channel 411 on my tv. I’m not sure if that makes me a Smart anything, perhaps just a viewer.
  13. I’m clearly not “most people” then and, by your definition, I suspect most people on here are not “most people”. I’ve heard of a VPN, but would have to look up Smart DND or Streamlocater. I assume they are all available at a cost.
  14. I thought Fanseat was for non-UK viewers? Did the press release not say that UK meetings wouldn’t be viewable on Fanseat in UK?

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