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  1. gary o'hare

    Wanted Mid To Late 90's Upright.

    Just buy a laydown
  2. gary o'hare

    Just An Idea For Clubs Vs Clubs

    I remember that meeting , shame it wasn't filmed as I remember I had a great race with Jamie habbin..
  3. gary o'hare

    Just An Idea For Clubs Vs Clubs

    The meetings that I have done for scunny have been brilliant especially for me as it gives me an opportunity to race at the Norfolk arena , a track that I never got to race on in my first career .. They never seem to be short of riders and due to the fact that we pay to ride I can't see it being a financial risk for any promoters.. Bring it on I'd say..
  4. But not anytime in the near future mr c... Kick the bucket that is..
  5. Brilliant mr Clemens , I enjoyed our chat and after you went I finished with a race win ( finally).. Look forward to seeing you again and reading your meeting report.. Bye for now . Gary.
  6. You sure can.. Don't be fretting just enjoy the day..
  7. gary o'hare

    How Do You Start?

    My first skid are brilliant.. Everything supplied £85. And very helpful tutors.. Give Barry bishop a call.
  8. gary o'hare

    Briggo Dirt Deflector Help!

    I had to re shape mine when I changed back ends. You need to cut a bit off it.
  9. gary o'hare

    Pratt Engine

    Joe used a phil Pratt tuned weslake. I had a ppt in 86.
  10. Yes I'm still racing at scunny.. And loving it..
  11. gary o'hare

    Rising Costs For Only 14 Meetings!

    Well said dean..
  12. gary o'hare

    Richard Hollingsworth

    You would struggle to find a more dedicated person in speedway than Richard , he would have had good reasons for whatever he did and further more good on him. The sport needs more people like him and Anne. You get my vote every time Richard and keep up the good work mate..
  13. gary o'hare

    Age Restriction

    well said dean, i think that this rule is probably illegal .. im not interested in racing in the nl.. but age shouldnt be an issue. you stick in there mate..
  14. gary o'hare

    Ian Thomas

    very sad.. a proper speedway legend..r.i.p. ian.
  15. gary o'hare

    Telford 13th Feb

    i guess theres a compliment in this somewhere !
  16. gary o'hare

    Peter Collins

    best wishes peter for a full recovery.. take care. gary.
  17. gary o'hare

    Speedway Star

    i still look forward to reading mine every week , great value and great history.. they could do with a section for the thriving amateur scene tho.. just saying like..
  18. gary o'hare

    John Perrin Has Died

    Sad news, belle vue fans have this guy to thank for keeping the aces alive ! R.I.P. John .
  19. gary o'hare

    Kelly Moran

    that would be great , even better iff shooey could join him too..
  20. gary o'hare

    Kelly Moran

    Thanks for the updates Steve, Kelly is a special person and the whole speedway world are rooting for him.
  21. gary o'hare

    Kelly Moran

    all the best kelly.
  22. gary o'hare

    Peter Collins

    peter collins. enough said.
  23. gary o'hare

    Sky +

    just ring the cancellations and tell them you are cancelling they will soon change their tune. worked for me. i payed £49 but a mate got his free. try it. sky + is great.
  24. gary o'hare

    Speedway On Sand

    yes but not speedway as we know it . mind you i have found out about scunthorpes amateur meetings since then, and what a fantastic group they are.
  25. maybe its to stop stuck up so called promoters slagging off fellow clubs that are trying to do the best job they can to keep speedway alive in a very testing time economicaly speaking, speedway needs all the help it can get without them having a go at each other. especially on live tv.

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