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  1. Wolves need to guard against complacency but another big home win on the cards here I think 56-34
  2. noaksey

    Rye House

    The "car park" ?
  3. noaksey

    Brummies Season Halted |

    England v Denmark on Wednesday then Nobody in their right mind would run against that
  4. noaksey


    Same as Bradford. The capital costs are going to be the issue here as well I'd imagine. Might be interest once the fate of Swindon is known perhaps...
  5. noaksey


    All we need now is a speedway promoter! With deep pockets
  6. noaksey

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Yes the respective council's set their own limit
  7. noaksey

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    Good meeting, some excellent racing and what looked to be a half decent turn out. Wolves badly let down by Masters who hasn't looked like a number 1 in away matches at Sheffield or here. Becker and Duggo excellent though.
  8. noaksey

    Freedom Day

    Pretty clear it's going to be delayed so: Pause all the leagues or allow individual teams to do it and let the others push on?
  9. Could be Wolves last hurrah for a while Narrow home win
  10. noaksey

    Wolves Closure

    I'd cancel the season now I doubt the restrictions will be eased by the Govt. If Wolves CC hardball attendance there's no point
  11. noaksey

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Why would they do that? Did stadium rather than speedway staff operate it?
  12. noaksey

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Wasn't there issues regarding this at the Redcar meeting? Have a look on that thread
  13. noaksey

    Brummies Season Halted |

    The decision to start the season will prove an expensive mistake for most and potentially terminal for some. Looks like it should have been left well alone until all restrictions are lifted
  14. noaksey

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Bacon retired
  15. noaksey

    Wolverhampton 2020

    West brom had 7k v West Ham Capacity 26k

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