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  1. http://www.stream2watch.co/live-now/live-tv/se/c-more-sport-live-stream
  2. http://hdmecze.xyz/channel8.php
  3. Oidest

    El 5-1s

    Zagar & Cook?
  4. Oidest

    Vojens Grand Prix

    well aren't you a smug little willy
  5. Oidest

    Vojens Grand Prix

    Just spoken with Virgin Media..........they are not showing the GP on the red button. Sky only allow them show certain programs .
  6. Oidest

    1 From 4

    PICK 1 = The Bee Hives Krzysztof Kasprzak PICK 2 = Englands Glory Tai Woffinden PICK 3 = Back Home Rory Schlein PICK 4 = GP Stars Nicki Pedersen PICK 5 = Last but not least Justin Sedgman PICK 6 = Family Fortunes (combined averages .. Lasse in EL) The Lindgren's PICK 7 = Son of a Gun Oliver Allen PICK 8 = In Both Camps (PL average) Charlie Gjedde PICK 9 = Premier Pole Position Joe Screen PICK 10 = Grand Prix Points (Who will get the most) Gollob & Hampel TIE BREAKER = How many Grand Prix points will Fredrik Lindgren score in 2011? 101pts

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