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  1. waco

    Kent v Plymouth 15th June

    Having had a practice last tuesday i would expect an all round improvement from Kent ...Scott excepted of course he was superb without a practise..
  2. No home practise for Kent meant no home advantage at all...Glasgow in the main were sharper from the gate..Nichols excepted,who was the stand out rider all night ..Hopefully after this run out the Kings can show what they are capable of next week against the not so powerfull Plymouth side....How ever we may yet find that the side falls a bit short on heat leaders,,remains to be seen when Heeps returns from injury..at this stage we can but hope that is not the case...
  3. R/R would have been beneficial at Eastbourne and we need all our riders to get as many laps as possible after the council refused to allow the team any practice and that leaves us with no home advantage against a very strong Glasgow side..so lets just hope for a good competative meeting..and hope our team can get dialled in quickly tonight...
  4. Even Nicholls and Stark took a race to get used to the track which had plenty of dirt on the bends ,,but was well prepared,,Unfortunately the rest of the Kent side could not perform on it...The meeting was poor for good racing and once again Speedway does its self no favours with more long delays The Eagles look very strong all round at home with young Brennan and Lawson outstanding......Enjoyed the sunshine ,,even if the meeting was very dissopointing for the Kent fans in attendance.....
  5. A good all round showing from Kent.Bacon and Gilks impressive..Cant wait to see what all the team can do individually at home next week
  6. Is Paul Hurry going to be allowed to ride on tuesday or is he subject to the 7 day rule,......,Its early days yet and that was not run in the best conditions,with riders missing last night, but does anyone else think this Kent side may struggle away from home. //Or are Glasgow a just a very strong side at home..........
  7. Is there going to be a problem for fans getting in to speedway meetings needing a negative coved certificate on the gate,,,if so how many fans are going to bother to go..??
  8. waco

    Welcome to the new forum.

    With the new speedway season rapidly approaching when is this forum going to get back to disscusing all things Speedway..?.....?
  9. Get the leagues and teams back on this forum,,as it is it is hardly used
  10. waco

    Welcome to the new forum.

    I liked the old forum what has happened,,where are the clubs ,,this is rubbish in my opinion,,?
  11. waco

    'The Way Ahead'

    What has happened to this forum I don't understand ,,where are the clubs and what used to be on here?.....?
  12. What a load of rubbish on this thread!
  13. waco

    Kent Kings 2020?

    The straights are narrow this combined with the adverse cambers on the bend exits are causing lots of avoidable crashes....Both need sorting with the addition of more shale..Obviously the higher standard riders will be able to cope better with the problem.if nothing is done....which looks the case..?
  14. Bo Peterson,,Hackney ,,Lakeside..Bo was a big man but could turn a bike on a sixpence,,a real nice guy too.....
  15. waco

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I said ,,,whith prices like this,,,which was refering to Kent ,no one else,,just to clarify Tocha..

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