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  1. Looking for Speedway Stars from late 73 to 1994 if anyone has a collection they no longer want?
  2. The best thing that can be said about this incident is that will get some publicity for speedway! You could argue that's a bad thing, but some say any publicity is good publicity! Seriously, there seems to be a lot of over reaction to the incident. As one poster has intimated, it was an overload of adrenalin from both riders, although I must say Sayfutdinov did seem to instigate the incident after the race by appearing to continue the "conversation" after Nicholls appeared to say "cool it, this is GP racing & that's what happens". Personally, I don't think Nicholls did anything wrong in defending his position & as one wag next to me observed "He was lucky it wasn't Nicki, or he would happen drinking out of the Taff by now!" What I do find disappointing, however, is the many so called "British fans" having a go at Nicholls, who, if you take the time to actually talk to him is one of the nicest guys you could meet. He is having a really tough time of it at the moment & it seems that many are jumping on the bandwagon of abusing him because of that. All riders go through it - Jason Crump has had a tough couple of years, Hans has had a very tough start & Leigh Adams is all over the shop but they don't seem to get the same criticism. Nicholls hasn't asked for any sympathy or special treatment & he seems to be trying very hard to make it all happen. It's an incredibly tough job, which 99% of us could/would never do, but sadly, we in this country do seem to have the habit of knocking our own. Going back to the incident itself, the punishment handed out is neither here nor there really, did any of it really hurt anyone? Probably not, but I guess the powers that be had to make a point. However, the person who merits a proper punishment is Ashley Holloway. His shoulder charge at Nicholls on his way up the tunnel was nothing more than a cheap shot & he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. Perhaps his actions should be investigated & dealt with accordingly.

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