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  1. Garry1603

    Brandon Update

    Email sent. Hope it helps.
  2. Garry1603

    'They Retired Too Soon'

    Bruce Penhall, Dag Lovaas, Ron Preston and Phil Collins all could have been around for much longer if they wanted to. At the other end of the scale, Jim Brett of Belle Vue looked like he was about to make the breakthrough but quit as he had a good job lined up (in IT I believe, which in the late 70s would have been pretty well paid I imagine)
  3. I was there that day. It was so funny to see the reaction of Eric Boocock and Chris Morton who were talking on the centre green when they saw what Wilkie was going to do! You could almost see the blood drain from their faces before they ran after him across the grass (didn't catch him though )
  4. Garry1603

    Craig Cook Sacked!

    Whatever the future holds, I hope that Cook makes the right decision for himself and not because he feels it's the 'right thing to do'. If (and it's a big if) he's lost his confidence, whether temporarily or permanently, he needs to be given the support to recover his self esteem. There's so much talk of mental issues these days and being nervous about being on a potentially lethal speedway bike is fully understandable from my point of view - wouldn't go near one personally, so I respect those who have the nerve to do so! If that nerve goes, so be it............ and thanks. Insert other media
  5. I think that the Panthers are going to be very inconsistent this season with no obvious 'improver'. Belle Vue on the other hand look very well balanced and if Kurtz and Wright can step up they will be very hard to beat.
  6. Great win for the Aces, Bewley seems to have gone up a level already this season
  7. It's definitely broadside
  8. I thought that it was a great advert for (current) British speedway. Unpredictable, exciting and the result in doubt until the end. Sort of "happiness is 40-38" for the younger generation. Both teams looked rusty at times and you could tell that Holder and Bewley are already getting up to speed, but give the others a break, they've had nearly 18 months off their bikes, give them a chance. I'd also like to say Eurosport did well, for a first meeting they did well and Abi Stephens was excellent as an anchor.
  9. Thought she did really well to be honest. Just the right level of enthusiasm without going over the top
  10. Garry1603

    Scottish independence?

    With any referendum I think that there needs to be a clear majority before any changes are made (and I include Brexit in that as well). Anything less than a two thirds majority is too close too me. When it's nearly 50 / 50, people can vote on a whim rather than their true convictions.
  11. Garry1603

    Peter Lorimer RIP

    A hard but skilful player with a thunderbolt of a shot. What a strange coincidence that there's been quite a few from that Leeds team pass away in the last couple of years (Charlton, Cherry, Hunter and now Lorimer) - and relatively young.
  12. Garry1603


    I think Harry should take up painting, (if Meghan will let him of course). Then he can call himself, 'The Artist Formerly Known As Prince'.
  13. Garry1603

    Worldwide town and city game

  14. Garry1603

    RIP Jean Wilkinson

    So sorry to hear that. She dedicated her life to him, especially after his cruel accident. Wonderful woman who is back with the man she loves RIP Jean
  15. Garry1603

    Ian St John RIP

    Great player and by all accounts a really nice man. RIP YNWA

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