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  1. Tell that to folks with long COVID, or suffer from life changing respiratory illness's and need permanent nursing.
  2. But the non experts, like you and DC2 and a couple of others, have already deemed it not to be more infectious and no have no evidence to work on, unlike Sage and its scientists. Perhaps you should share your knowledge, but on the other hand you don't have any do you. Rather a biased and argumentative stand to take.
  3. Coming from you that's hilarious. Do you ever say anything new to contribute.
  4. Well, I wasn't going to imply that of you, but if you say so, i'll go along with it about you.
  5. Too hopefully and cheerful on this thread Ruff.
  6. Short memory you have. Boris and the Government were heavily criticised for late and under testing in the first instance and compared to both Germany and South Korea, who had more existing testing stations and equipment that us and the rest of Europe. It's early days for the Indian variant but its already deemed to be moire infections and will be the dominant variant in the UK taking over from our Kent Variant. Taking it serious early will solve the situation quicker, something that you and the other critics were saying about the governments response in the early days last year. BTW 4 have died already and it's affecting people younger than before. I really don't want to comment on your last muse.
  7. Methinks not, as I had cataracts in both eyes removed between lockdowns. Next ?
  8. Ignoring the statements made that the declared figure is seriously under stated due to non reporting.
  9. Well get yourself checked then.
  10. Funny that travellers are being told to have COVID tests before and after leaving this country and paying for a choice of 2 tests. Testing for COVID has been with us for over a year in all countries and usually held as responsible for saving lives by "testing' early. There are two 'muppets' on here and BluPanther is the other one. Perhaps if you had used your ears to listen to the broadcast you wouldn't be looking for BS.
  11. Still better than those unskilled and with low level of knowledge on here that think they know better.
  12. No, that's at the top of the High Street. This new restaurant was on the opposite side, and looked if it was beside the Green Church which is on the corner. Name began with an A like in Adis.
  13. I can hear perfectly well with no hearing aids thanks, and I'm not deaf to listen to important news, which you and your lot tend not to listen to.
  14. The reporter said that foreign travel was not involved.
  15. There was on the news bulletin.
  16. Both.The restaurant was behind the reporter and showed there was a large canopy and tables underneath so it could have been both.
  17. There was 20 people who have all caught COVID after dining at the Indian Restaurant. They are now looking for everyone who have recently dined there as it's reported it has been crambed of late. The news of this outbreak was on all the local news 2 nights ago, perhaps it was one night you were never off here.
  18. I don't know, but I do know you're probably aware that there has been an Indian variant identified in an Indian Restaurant on Front Street, Tynemouth. 20 Diners have all tested positive to COVID and now they are looking for earlier diners probably from the 3 weeks before this outbreak., Imagine how many people have been in touch with the 20 in addition to the previous diners. It is reported that there is no Indian travel involved so someone out there must be a carrier. Given the hilarity on here, and ignorance of what's happening right in front of us, aren't you glad that the county and COVID are being run by sensible committed people, instead of the usual critics on here treating the pandemic as an opportunity to self elevate themselves and dismissive of anything that doesn't fit in with their agenda. Reality has no place on this thread.
  19. Well said, as it's certainly not over yet, despite others on here insisting these new variants are just drummed up frighteners associated with control of the public by the government.
  20. Tsunami

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Surely we do, if we are moving around the stadium for beverages or toilet issues, but not when stationary in your own designated area.
  21. Tsunami

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    Once again slagging the Tories on something and everything, which devalues your opinion. Not a word from you about Labour blocking the results of the Boundaries Commission, whereby the voting support of the new political area would be evened up, but the results are more favourable to the Tories. Like Turkey's voting for Xmas, despite it being a not political restructure in the interests of fairness..
  22. The expert was Tam who, even with your self inflation, knows more than you can even dream of having.
  23. Deficit is and was the problem, not necessarily Debt. All major countries are borrowing like mad due to low rates, in the expectations they can fix the Debt later, but not without getting the Deficit under control first.
  24. Ironic or not, sometimes things have to be done in accordance with the current conditions. Like finding money for epidemics after 10 years of austerity when trying to balance the books and reduce the deficit. It just has to be done regardless of your usual political principles. It might be ironic to you, but it's just reality to the rest of us. Similarly with developments like Teeside Airport when there wasn't money for the failing airport, but the entrepreneur Mayor Ben Houchen got behind big business and used his principles to explain and convince them that the airport could and was a big YES for the development of their area. Labour would have just pumped money into it even if they hadn't any.

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