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  1. As I said earlier above, you are still "forgetting many things" and conveniently hiding behind you getting stats but misquoting their meaning deliberately to play to the fools. Incidentally even the experts were quoting a third wave as there is two distinct peaks around Xmas time, and as a result that was looking like a 3 peak year which is hardly the seasonality that you were advocating.
  2. Conveniently ignoring the fact that it was Ben Houchen who almost singlehanded brought the Teeside Airport back against all opposition, and now proving to be the beacon of everything good in his area. One of the best and well thought of regional administers in the country. But that doesn't suit your agenda does it, As usual.
  3. Forgetting of course you were caught redhanded in the early days, but you wouldn't concede to the allegations and tried to bluff your way out of it. Extrapolation seemed to be your weak spot when trying to produce some stats that suited your agenda. Lucifer Sam, Me ,Vince, E I Addio, etc, all gave up after you failed time and time again to produce a 'source' to your stats despite you requesting sources from others. Hypocrite and attention seeker. .
  4. Tsunami

    Transferring Camera Images to a Computer?

    Thanks again for the advice and info. I've now bought the AF lenses 24-120mm and the 70-300mm zoom lens. Both seem be the stock lens to use with a D750. I have taken delivery of a decent 70-300mm and it produces some really sharp zoom photos although it is very heavy. I am awaiting the 24-120mm tomorrow, but bought the f3 aperture rather than the preferred f4 which is about double the cost. Put my 3 DX lenses on eBay at teatime, and already sold 2 of them, with the better lens, the 18-140mm, being 'watched' so that looks like it will go in the next couple of days. Just need a holiday/cruise to put the new lenses into use. Thanks again.
  5. Telling the truth, and providing sourced figures would be a good start.
  6. You were doing so well, till you came up with this crap diversion. As usual..
  7. And that's the key passage to all of the discussions.
  8. George has been around for a number of years having started at Northside training track. He has had a history crash, bang, wallop, but still kept coming up for more. Lately he has started to put it together and now looks an exciting rider when he stays on. Love the hassles and his enthusiasm.
  9. Agree on most things you have said. The issues that caused the creation of the Labour Party, have through time been rectified and fought for for decades so their is little of nothing really that Labourites can 'fight' and canvas on. You can only have a chip on your shoulder for so long before it goes out of fashion and folks realise what they have is not that bad. No matter who is in power, there will alway be varied sharing of the spoils, and some left at the bottom of the pile due to bad luck, circumstances or personal ignorance and attitude. Like there will always be folks that don't want to work, and live on benefits, or deliberately made themselves homeless by choice.
  10. And your alternative would have been what ? Events dictate what has to be done, especially when every other country is doing almost the same as us, but not quite so lucrative. We have been more successful in tackling the COVID problem, despite the hickups that has been along the way. The risk of throwing money at the problem was necessary, regardless of the colour of Government in situ. The pleasing factor is that the bankers and economists are upgrading forecasts of the level of our recovery with a very healthy 7.5 % increase in GDP in the next year, whilst that was previously the forecast for the second year. Despite the negativity of the 'experts' on here, we have got through the pandemic better than most and we show great signs of getting out of it as quick as anybody else.
  11. I can think of 3 on here that are.
  12. You are getting there.
  13. Tsunami

    European Union - In Or Out?

    How many ?, as it would seem a rather convenient statement to make at this time. Must have been millions you talked to to make it believable. It was the EU we were at war with, not fellow Commonwealth states.
  14. Tsunami

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I know what you are like with figures, because you don't consider if the UK has negotiated 891 Billion that that would be added to the existing trade with the EU of 744 billion which looks very much like 1.4 Trillion. Hmmm.
  15. Tsunami

    Transferring Camera Images to a Computer?

    Oh. I thought they were compatible for the D750 and they do work as I have had them for a couple of years. What difference would I see if they are not Steve. DX instead of FX . Thanks for the comment. NB just looked at their boxes and they are all DX lenses.
  16. Reading your and Wolfsbane contributions on a daily basis, I think a lot of us sensible people would ask exactly the same point of both of yous.
  17. And all about the same size population ? I think not. Not forgetting the non reporting that is going on in India as everyone is fighting the virus rather than keep the books neat.j
  18. Yes I am. It has been regularly reported everywhere by difference sources, that the real figure is multiple times the official figure due to the confusion and non reporting of deaths in India. if it's not a problem, why are oxygen cylinders and oxygen factories being shipped in such haste, and millions and millions of vaccines being shipped from all around the world due to the affects and severity of the COVD breakout. You are a FAKE denier.
  19. Are you really insinuating that India doesn't have a massive COVID problem at this juncture. Pathetic attempt from you coming hard on the heels of your statement of a very low number of deaths in the USA, which iris blew apart with the first 3 qualified stats he found issued by 3 notable sources and which showed the deaths were thousands over your fake news.
  20. Tsunami

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Don't give up your day job but.
  21. 11% still in practically every survey
  22. Tsunami

    Transferring Camera Images to a Computer?

    That's the one I have. Track photographer tried to get me to buy the D850, but it was too complicated for me with the MASP setup on it. Over the recent years I've picked up 15-85mm, 18-140mm and a 55-300mm lens, but I only take photos when I'm abroad. I like landscapes , architecture, people, events, etc. Any comments on those lens stevehone would be appreciated, even if it is critical.
  23. Tsunami

    Transferring Camera Images to a Computer?

    Is a grey product not just a product that is made for another country, but sold as being 'designed for this country'. I'm thinking of the technical specs of say cars and their environment provisions.
  24. Yes, but it's the Guardian.
  25. You've convinced me with those stats from different sources. Can't see BluPanther of Wolfsbane accepting them as it doesn't suit their obsessions, and they of course they have a difficulty with big numbers like crowd estimates. All Fake news but not to them.

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