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  1. Panthers99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    I'm one of those - I thought it was a safe option signing, only going with him as he's part of the furniture. Can't fault him this season, one of the biggest improvers when it comes to adding points to his starting average I can remember for a while now.
  2. Panthers99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Wonder if we can tempt someone like Buckz or Anders over.... Otherwise we're struggling
  3. Panthers99

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Back injury for Ully but has full movement thankfully.
  4. Panthers99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Ully off in an ambulance at Edinburgh tonight.
  5. Panthers99

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Inside gate, slick track and riders unable to pass each other. Hans doesn't struggle out the start.
  6. Panthers99

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Mid meeting wobble but powered back there. Bomber the difference maker. Otherwise would have been alot tighter
  7. Panthers99

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Think this is one of the worse meetings this season on TV.
  8. Panthers99

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    Start or your screwed so far. Unlucky there, fancied a 5-1 but Bombers bike fails him again.
  9. Panthers99

    Ipswich 2020

    Crump injured again.... Withdrawn after first race tumble at Plymouth.
  10. KK 200 more - double ya money. Call it the G&T's bet
  11. Was some serious rain over the past few days, shame. Peterborough and Norwich flooded by torrential downpours - BBC News
  12. PETERBOROUGH have taken an early decision to postpone Monday’s home Premiership fixture with Sheffield.Club staff have already pumped over 150 tonnes of water off the East of England Arena circuit following Friday’s deluge, but this has left the track extremely soft and it will not take any more extensive rainfall.With further heavy downpours forecast for Monday, the Panthers management have therefore acted to minimise inconvenience and unnecessary travel for riders, officials and supporters.A new date for the fixture is to be agreed, and the Crendon Panthers will be back in action on Monday July 19 in a big top-of-the-table clash with Belle Vue.
  13. can't be helped with how the team was built and Ulrich's form. Lets be honest, Bomber representing GB in a sub standard competition with bang average opposition, is hardly a good marker....
  14. Ostergaard, Hans, MPT, Scotty, Bjarne, Palin and Harris Troy, Howarth, Ellis, Pickering, Holder, Wright and TBC Should be another cracker..... Harris at reserve for the next 3 meetings certainly should score heavy if needs be. 50-40.

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