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  1. Dennis Willgress

    Mildenhall Speedway

    I would like to point out the Villageidiot is only standing up for his young son like any father would do,when you are an ordinary working person (not a millionaire )and have put thousands of pounds of your hard earnt money into equipment for your son who has not found work since leaving school you can understand why he is upset. The Villageidiot is one of the nicest gentlemen you could meet and having known his son through grasstrack since he was a youngster,I believe some of the comments are not called for
  2. Dennis Willgress

    Mildenhall Speedway

    IT is openly known that Mr Mascall was offered substantial financial help at the beginning of this season from a group of supporters which he allegedly refused stating he didnot need any help.Where I differ from Halifaxtiger I cannot see where the promoter was losing money hand over fist and like the Villageidiot find the amount of debt as stated by Mr Mascall difficult to understand as the last four meetings were home meetings.Must not forget every heat was sponsored plus a team sponsor and other sponsorship.
  3. Dennis Willgress

    Sms Secure Mildenhall Speedway

    Before people make comments about previous promotions including the Chapmans they should find out the facts because these kind of comments can be detremental to those trying to get the Fen Tigers operating again.Its ok for those who have a team to support but not nice for Mildenhall Supporters.
  4. Dennis Willgress

    Mildenhall Speedway

    I hope as others have stated that Dave Coventry or other interested parties will see fit to reconstitute Mildenhall Speedway next season and build on what we had until a month ago. I hope most of the people who have given up so much of their free time at the weekends so the supporters could watch speedway on a Sunday afternoon would return,they know who they are as there is to many to name.These people I would like to thank personally for the hard work that they have carried out on behalf of the club. Steve I can understand you reason for having enough of Mildenhall Speedway but as communications officer I think you have been treated badly by the promoter with constant lack of truthful information so that you could keep the supporters up todate relating to what was going on.
  5. Dennis Willgress

    Mildenhall Speedway

    I understand how Ray must be feeling after the sad loss of his Jean but I donot believe he is helping his own cause by staying silent,or not showing his face. If you employ staff under contract like the riders surely they should be be the first people that are made aware of the situation( Good manners I would call it ) then supporters and sponsors.Surely if Ray personally made a statement on the Mildenhall Fen Tigers forum it would help to keep the people up todate after speaking to the riders face to face. SimonB and Halifaxtiger are spot on,it far better to meet someone in the middle and get some finance for the business than to stick out for what you value the club and finish with nothing. Ray must remember at the end of the day Dave Coventry hold the upperhand because he owns the stadium and has to sanction any new owner if he does not purchase it himself. Having known Ray for many years I find it very difficult to work out the way his mind is working but feel the time has come when he cannot hide behind his loss of Jean anymore and need to sort out his affairs.

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