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  1. Maybe BT are busy creating a Eurosport type player for 12 bells tomorrow so we can all subscribe and shell out a few more pounds to watch. VK it is then.
  2. Bit of a brucey I suppose, 35 heats for the price of 23, mustn't grumble.
  3. KK lost his bottle I reckon, Zagar's pass was fair but KK reacted like he'd been shot at.
  4. You're not wrong, he came out and almost bagged himself another 3rd.
  5. More likely because eurosport think our heads button up the back and they can rip us off for a few more English pounds.
  6. Doubtful, I don't think it's easy getting it from the eurosport player
  7. I backed Bewley e/w at the start, definitely in with a shout if he can reach another final, cracking first year.
  8. Great ride from Wozniak, skin of the teeth in the end. Also enjoyed it as I backed him for over 6.
  9. Do bonus points count for rider totals in respect of betting?

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