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  1. On 5/4/2021 at 12:23 PM, lucifer sam said:

    At the moment (and June will like this), I still rate Hendry as the greatest of all-time. 

    She does :) The trouble with time is that it dulls the memory, or, of course, generations come and go and never get to witness the true greatness of a man.

    I still truly believe Stephen has it in him to take another world title ability-wise. His biggest issue, and it really is a huge problem for him, is psychology. When his cue got broken it took something from his game. He had such a reliance on it, and attributed so much to it, that he never really got over it mentally. 

    People used to say he had no personality (they said it about Davis too - I loved it when he introduced himself on TV as "Steve Interesting Davis" that time), but it didn't matter as he won everything. Over time he started interacting with other players (I'm kinda blaming Mark Williams for this ;) ) and would have a laugh mid game about something that had happened, or make a quip, much to the delight of the audience,  but again, it was a change of personality, and that seemed to drag his game down further. I think, perhaps, that made him more human to his opponents, and therefore more beatable.

    But the single biggest thing stopping Hendry coming back to somewhere near full strength is his mindset. In commentary about other players he's analytical, but about himself he is beyond critical. For example, one of the long pots Murphy made in the closing frames touched the corner of the pocket and wobbled before dropping, to which Hendry commented "great shot" - which it was. Had that been a shot he himself had played he'd have been kicking himself for it not being dead centre. He is SO critical of himself I believe THAT is what is stopping him from winning again (although it was a great match against Jimmy in the qualifiers). He's animated around the table. When things are going wrong we all know about it because he's mumbling and gesturing, or shaking his head. I think it's now so ingrained in him that he probably won't ever be able to overcome it, but if he could...well, just imagine!

    It's always a bit sad as this competition draws to an end, because you know the playing is over, but we will be back, next year, and hopefully then I'll do better. Think that has to be my worst performance to date! Thanks for running it again, LS.

    Edited to say: I'm happy Selby won it. I think after day 1 it could still have gone either way, but in the final session Mark just didn't put a foot wrong. His tactical game, in my opinion is as good as his potting, but it's that ability to put the ball wherever he wants it that really is outstanding. You see him working out where he wants the cue ball to finish, which often involves negotiating tricky angles and other balls, but when he gets down to take the shot you know it's going to end up as if he'd picked it up and put it there with his hand. He really does make good viewing. 

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  2. Much as I think Yawn Murphy is going to win this title I can't bring myself to pick him, so I would like to pick the winner of the Selby/Bingham match for the final please. Was looking forward to watching tomorrow, but if it's Bingham and Murphy I think I'll probably just fall asleep instead. ;)

  3. Ronnie O'Sullivan v Anthony McGill 
    Stuart Bingham v Jamie Jones
    John Higgins v Mark Williams (tough!)

    David Gilbert v Judd Trump
    Neil Robertson v Jack Lisowski 
    Barry Hawkins v Kyren Wilson  (even tougher!)

    Missed the other two - sorry, I really am terrible at checking in here!

  4. Ronnie O'Sullivan v Mark Joyce
    Anthony McGill v Ricky Walden
    Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham
    Stephen Maguire v Jamie Jones
    John Higgins v Tian Pengfei
    Mark Williams v Sam Craigie
    Mark Allen v Lyu Haotian
    Mark Selby v Kurt Maflin
    Neil Robertson v Liang Wenbo
    Jack Lisowski v Ali Carter
    Barry Hawkins v Matthew Selt
    Kyren Wilson v Gary Wilson
    Shaun Murphy v Mark Davis
    Yan Bingtao v Martin Gould
    David Gilbert v Chris Wakelin
    Judd Trump v Liam Highfield


    Just missed the deadline and not sure what the 10am match was, so deduct my points for that please.

  5. 2 hours ago, DC2 said:

    What we really need to see is deaths by date of death so we can properly track what is happening.

    Whether or not those people died from Covid rather than with Covid is a different matter.


    Not really. Whether they died with covid, we are certainly seeing a rise in deaths due to it  - whether that be because covid has killed them, exacerbated an existing condition, or because the person hasn't received treatment for something entirely unrelated, it's still the pandemic that is the overall reason so many people are dying.

    What is more concerning is the total lack of humanity being shown on this thread. These "statistics" are people - humans - parents, children, grandparents, friends... What is wrong with some of you?

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  6. 4 hours ago, Badge said:

    I get the civil liberty brigade, I do. I get the stats show Covid isn't killing more people as a percentage than some other illnesses, and that it only seems to be affecting a small percentage of a certain demographic, but people would do well to  take a moment to consider this.

    As a direct result of the pandemic, those responsible for looking after our health are telling us they can't cope - physically and emotionally. The NHS is almost at capacity in some areas, and people who need routine operations or have other illnesses aren't getting the treatment they need, which in itself will cause further complications and deaths long term. 

    People - men, women and children - are dying in hospital of covid AND non-covid related illnesses, frightened and alone, because their families aren't allowed to visit them. Families are suffering emotional trauma because they can't comfort their loved ones in their last moments, or when they are in pain. Doctors and nurses are telling us they are exhausted, and at breaking point. I'd much rather be out, but it's these people I'm thinking of while I'm staying home.

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  7. On 12/3/2020 at 5:42 PM, Humphrey Appleby said:

    It shouldn't really be down to the medical car to be putting out fires. That's the job of the marshals, and if they're taking too long to get there - as they did - then they need to re-think how many posts they need.

    Trouble is, whilst they've probably undergone fire training, it's usually in a classroom setting with no actual fire or sense of danger in sight. It doesn't matter how good the training is - it's down to how the person reacts in that scenario. You could have someone whose first real dealing with a fire is on the same day as their first course and manages to remain calm and do everything right, or someone with years of training who just freezes in the moment. 

    I think they did a pretty good job, all told, but still would have been a different story if Grosjean himself hadn't managed to extricate himself from the wreck. 


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