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  1. old bob at herne bay

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 17/6/21

    Sensible to delay home meetings until after covid restrictions end IMO.
  2. old bob at herne bay

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Yup, Would all potential promoters for Oxford Speedway please form an orderly queue , socially distanced outside th stadium, with a big wadge of cash, and the signed contracts for their choice of 7 riders. According to BSPL things are a bit tight this season, the leagues are all full but the BSPL may consider applications to join the PL in 2022.
  3. old bob at herne bay

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Agree with you Humphey ... and I would add that you get a very wide range of over priced French wIne here, some is ok for cooking , vinegar some very nice ..... and good luck with choosing which is which. Champagne is good too if you know what you are looking for ........... Expect a wider range of Aussie wine available to the UK shortly.......... my current favourites are from South America.
  4. old bob at herne bay

    Kent v Plymouth 15th June

    Like others, one I would have made the effort to book tickets for had Jason been riding. Got to agree Kent will struggle to do very much this season in the CL with the current 6 man team line up.
  5. old bob at herne bay

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Think you are dreaming if you believe that is true. So if Poole asked everyone to show a negative covid test on entry they would be allowed to operate with a higher attendance ??? Or show proof of 2 covid vaccinations ? Maybe you should ask Dan and Matt Ford if it would make any difference ?
  6. old bob at herne bay

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    As ever at Downing Street press conferences, Boris Johnson’s scientific advisers deployed their graphs skilfully to back up the warnings of potential catastrophe....
  7. old bob at herne bay

    Poole Pirates 2021

    OK if you are a football fan a tennis fan a cricket fan or a Formula 1 fan. Attendance to those sports in your tens of thousadnds gives you a "Covid Shield" and not a risk to a thrid wave of infections overloading our NHS. 1,000 peaople at a speedway meeting however is a grave risk to overloading the NHS and causing a spike in infections and a dangerous third wave surge. What a load of BS from Blonde Boris the BS king.
  8. old bob at herne bay

    Wolves Closure

    Will 1 month be enough ......... can you believe anything that comes from the government ? Another variant will be appear and another and another ....... still as long as everyone can watch the football tennis cricket who gives a toss about speedway?
  9. old bob at herne bay

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Hello Humphrey, Guess the Australian lamb will have ot compete with the NewZealand lamb on its journey halfway around the world which is already 50% cheaper than any local lamb ... and I live 20 miles from Romney Marsh which is full of sheep. The wine will replace the now overpriced EU rubbish we have to put up with :-) Not really sure what UK actually exported to anywhere to be honest ... not much is mamade here anymore, helps save the environment. Seems to be limited containers full of scrap metal and waste products for recycling. Oh yes and "financial Services" and "bankers" We always have had lots of "bankers"
  10. old bob at herne bay

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Finally blew my top yesterday when the government announced the latest delay to reopening England. We are being taken for mugs. On the one hand they steadfastly quote scientific evidence to back up their decision. Then the next day we see that Wimbledon Tennis is to go ahead with 50% attendance to start and then 100% on Centre Court. Football at Wembley with 18000 not a mask in sight and no social distancing. Both events in London where the data shows a 10% lower vaccination rate than elsewhere in the country. Cricket at Edgbaston Birmingham with 18000 in an area with a large delta variant population. Yet speedway has to tread on eggshells and cannot have more than several hundreds in attendance. Even worse in Glasgow - no speedway crowd allowed - yet thousands pile into Hampden Park to see the Scottish football side . That's wee Nicola ......just as silly as Boris. The "scientific data" is clearly being tweaked to suit the select few with big bucks, and little to do with public safety. Or "ARE WE BEING TOLD THE TRUTH" If you look back when the indian variant was first spotted it took 5 days after the "Red Lights" came on before arrivals from india had to quarantine on arrival, they even laid on extra flights to give the variant every opportunity to spread . Switch the lights to RED and let the traffic carry on coming for another 5 days. We really are being led by a bunch of public school buffoons of the highest order. Anyone think that July will see the end of this shambles? .......... NOT ME. .
  11. old bob at herne bay

    Peterborough v Wolves 14/6

    Indian variant has blown it. I dont dispute the numbers. BUT still dont understand how 18000 football hooligans can watch football with no masks no social distancing in a test event and yet speedway fans have to jump through hoops to watch soccially iidstanced wearing a mask in some tracks. Now Wimbledon Tennis are "discussing" how to fiddle the rules to allow loads of people to watch the tennis.
  12. old bob at herne bay

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Brave decision by your promoter releasing Craig Cook "by mutual consent" Neither Cook nor KL have looked back since that decision.
  13. old bob at herne bay

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Not sure TBH why this is still a thread on this forum. (Still i suppose it is titled Swindon 2020 and not 2022 ) Once the housing is complete, there wil lbe hundreds of homewoners in their lovely new houses signing objections to having a speedway track in thier back yard. "Terribly sorry" but the planning has been revised for noise complaints. The "sports facility" wil become a gym for local residents,
  14. old bob at herne bay

    Wolves Closure

    Agree with you Marko …. Never thought a track so close to Lakeside shopping centre would last long……. Especially a temporary track with sticks marking the outside and just a tin shack for spectators … in the end housing not shops finished it off .
  15. old bob at herne bay


    Sounds like EB fans were treated to a close (score line) meeting. “Plenty of heats from the gate and well spread out” appeared on the excellent “ speedway updates” website ......When the opposition are gating not good at Arlo. Loss of Kemp proving the straw that broke the camels back, with gust Alf Bowtell failing to land a blow on any of the Monarchs. You have to wonder about Ed Kennett. Seems unable to ride ( and not fall off ) a track he rode from age 8 ( maybe younger) Not sure his Grasstrack exploits are helping his speedway career ? Still, don’t see too many other sides coming close at Arlo this season so a P. off place is virtually guaranteed.

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