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  1. Cookiefan

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Heat 15 doesn't count towards average
  2. It's good to see Ricky Wells back to some form, it has been frustrating watching him struggling these last few weeks
  3. Bandits put up a good fight considering they lost 2 riders and no Leon, hope they can recover and finish the season well, for Glasgow it wad good to see the Ricky Wells we expected, Sam and Connor really struggled, but it is difficult if you can't make the gate, Sam also suffering from a rib injury. Hope Jye and Dany are not out for too long .
  4. Heat 1 57.17 Heat 2 58.72 Heat 3 58.07 Heat 4 58.01 Heat 5 58.97 Heat 6 57.95 Heat 7 58.54 Heat 8 59.02 Heat 9 58.88 Heat 10 59.18 Heat 11 59 40 Heat 12 60.47 Heat 13 60.69 Heat 14 61.53 Sorry I missed time for heat 15
  5. Top 2 go through to semi final, other 4 compete for last 2 places, top of league get choice of who they want in semi final
  6. Firstly well done to the Monarchs, fully deserved the win. I see that people are looking to change riders, but there are not many out there and a few teams are looking to cover for injury as well. Checking the green sheets from issue 1 until recent, Issue 1 Craig 9.93 with discount Ricky 7.40 Ulrich 5.98 Justin 5.20 Broc 5.16 Sam 4.34 Current green sheets Craig 9.40 Ricky 6.82 Ulrich 7.15 Justin 5.33 Broc 5.87 Sam 5.62 Only Craig and Ricky have dropped in average, everyone else has increased, our problem is that we cannot cover the loss of Ulrich who is riding way above his average, we need to get Ricky going, Craig will surely be back to his best fairly soon and Connor is improving all the time, We should still qualify for the play offs, no need to panic yet.
  7. £1500 and the management added another £1000, so £2500 total
  8. Cookiefan

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Guests to cover for Ulrich are limited, Howarth already guesting at Newcastle, only other options are T Jorgensen or T Arnio, who doubtfully would replicate Ulli 's points, will probably be r/r but our inconsistent riders would need to be on it , and Cammy would need to change the riding order to maximise our possible points scoring.
  9. Cookiefan

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Ulrich has a broken wrist and lower back injury, from official Glasgow page
  10. Cookiefan

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    It wasn't a Scottish referee, ot was Phil Griffin from Manchester
  11. Cookiefan

    Plymouth v Glasgow

    Coming down for this, will be my first visit to Plymouth, hoping for a good meeting and of course a Tigers win, that is if we don't throw it away again
  12. Cookiefan

    Plymouth v Poole 13/7/21 CL

    Well done Plymouth on grabbing a draw, look forward to my first visit there next week with my Glasgow tigers team
  13. Exactly, championship is a much better league and always has been
  14. Seems to be a change in forecast, now strong chance of rain, however drainage at Ashfield is excellent so hopefully racing will be good
  15. Weather forecast is for hot and sunny

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