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  1. Cookiefan

    Top Championship rider in 2021

    Craig will be top, he is hungry after missing out last year, and he has been keeping fit, so I expect him to get back to his best, Masters and Douglas will be pushing him for top spot though.
  2. Cookiefan

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I like team suits, but don't like matching bike covers, like at Kings Lynn, makes it difficult to identify the riders especially if changes are made in a race and not announced so you have to wait until you see the number on their suits, which for us oldies can be a challenge.
  3. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Jack Smith back at Glasgow, replacing Connor Bailey as rising star, following news that Connor is remaining in Australia for the time being.
  4. Cookiefan

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Looking at 2020 team listings, Craig is 9.92 with the asterix reduction next to his name
  5. Cookiefan

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Why has Craig Cook not got a reduction? He had it last time
  6. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Looking at today's announcement, we should be able to keep the team announced for 2020 as the top 6 average comes to 37.65, which includes Craig's British reduction. Rules are top 6 average of 39 then add a grade 2 British reserve or 38 for top 6 with a grade 3 reserve, so either way we should be within the limit , whether Connor is a grade 2 or 3
  7. Cookiefan

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Devastating news for British speedway, my team was first to pull out last year and the way things are going I can see more teams pulling out. Covid 19 is going nowhere , restrictions will be in place for months to come
  8. Cookiefan

    2021 Season

    Swindon robins have officially pulled out of 2021 season, ( on their official website) Start of no speedway in UK again, gutted as I am missing it big time.
  9. Cookiefan

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Swindon official website has announced that they are not running in 2021, can see another year of no speedway in UK. Sorry that I don't know how to post link but check out their official page
  10. Cookiefan

    Kent Kings 2020?

    He stated that he won't be back in 2021 he has a good job and that allows him to race Saturday's and Sunday's
  11. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Most of us season ticket holders at Glasgow have not asked for a refund, but using it for next season
  12. Shame the 2 streamings are on at the same time
  13. Cookiefan

    Stuart Robson

    I sincerely hope it is not cancelled as I am looking forward to this , also my friend and I have spent quite a bit on sponsorship for this meeting. Is the Ben fund going to be the only meeting for the forseeable future? Hope not, I need my speedway fix.
  14. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    The boys after completing their climb of Ben Lomond this morning
  15. Cookiefan

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I am really surprised that Josh Pickering has not got a premiership place, he is a very exciting rider to watch and gives it everything

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