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  1. Cookiefan

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Everywhere is South to us in Glasgow, looking forward to my first ever visit to Poole
  2. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    I would hope he would get a reduction , every little bit helps in team building
  3. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    I think in reality we will have Cook and a more solid side with Sam and Connor at reserve
  4. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Thats a bit high considering we will probably have Cookie but I like the idea of 2 big hitters for heats 13 and 15 but we would need a few improvers in the team as well. I think Sam Jensen and Connor Bailey will put some points on and if we could get the one everyone wants Broc Nicol then that would be fab
  5. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    What would his conversion be?
  6. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Hans Anderson
  7. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    I was looking at that team but it is 41.02 unless there is a reduction for Connor or Craig
  8. In 2011 Nick Morris joined Glasgow on his 16th birthday on a 2 point average and ended the season on over 6, I am sure that Jordan will be able to hold his own in the championship
  9. Cookiefan

    Kent Kings 2020?

    KasperLykke has retired from speedway
  10. Cookiefan

    bandits 2020

    Actually, they bought Aaron from Redcar a few years back and they also bought Richard Lawson the same year
  11. Cookiefan

    bandits 2020

    Glasgow own Aaron
  12. Congratulations to Leicester, Ellis Perks was the match winner, Glasgow rode their socks off, but it wasn't to be. The racing however was superb, if only we could have racing like that at more tracks. Again Congratulations to the Lions.
  13. Thanks, shame some of your fellow fans would rather see the trophy go South
  14. Cookiefan

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Good luck with Harris, he let us down big time last season at Glasgow, only seems to turn it on with Poole
  15. Oh here we go with the accusations of foul play, this is Scotland, it rains a lot, and there was heavy rain last night.
  16. Cookiefan

    Poole 2020

    If Poole go into Championship, I am sure the fans will be pleasantly surprised as generally the racing is much better and there is more variety.
  17. Cookiefan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    What makes you think that ?
  18. Should be 2 cracking meetings, hopefully weather plays ball, mon the Tigers
  19. Cookiefan

    Edinburgh 2021

    The increase in social media use from Glasgow have brought in a lot of new fans from the ice hockey and they have stayed, as well as returning fans. One new fan asked who Cook was, in one of his last to first races and commented that he was worth coming back to watch.
  20. Cookiefan

    2019 championship riders of the year.

    Glasgow Rasmus Jensen Rory Schlein Anders Rowe
  21. Well done Tigers, they never give up, was nerve wracking watching updates. Lets make it our year.
  22. Harris back to his Glasgow form, only rides well at Poole
  23. Except when he was riding for Glasgow
  24. Cookiefan

    REDCAR 2019

    Can't have a guest from any of the play off teams
  25. Cookiefan

    REDCAR 2019

    Shame that the bears have lost Tofty and Nathan , I had you as favourites for the championship

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