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  1. Islander15

    BERWICK v NEWCASTLE (Saturday, June 19th: 7pm)

    It wouldn’t really be a normal challenge meeting if they managed to get all 7 Gems to come. They would’ve been there anyway so don’t they all fancy a bit of extra track time at a new track?
  2. Islander15

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    You can use an unattached 3.00 rider but not one contracted to another team.
  3. Islander15

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Can Knight really be classed as a rising star though? Or could they get Bowtell to become a rising star and use the added points at the first set of averages to sign someone even better.
  4. Who’s this referring to?
  5. That’s crazy really that a team can have a higher rated Rising Star as a guest that they one they actually own! When every other rider has a guest covering him, it’s just up to his average irrespective of the team’s total average. So it should be the same for Rising Stars.
  6. Any news on who replaces Atkins?
  7. Islander15


    I do like Woodhull but it seems a bizarre choice. Colts have Compton as their elder statesman and JPB & Coles who can hold their own easily. I’d have thought Woodhull would be best concentrating on his own improvements rather than giving him the responsibility of sorting out his senior riders.
  8. Clegg and Greaves should go through the card apart from when meeting each other. Phillips & Woolley look like they should do well too with not much other heat leader threat coming from the Gems. Hopefully Rothery continues his fine form but after the first 2 meetings, no-one will begrudge him a poorer one.
  9. Islander15

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Tickets on sale now! Has it been mentioned what happens if the meeting is rained off between buying the tickets and the start time? I assume everyone gets a refund.
  10. The stream seemed to be worse for people who logged on later, but regardless of that there was more buffering than the Berwick meeting. Also could the commentators please verbally confirm the race results even if they don’t put it up on the screen. However it was absolutely better than no stream at all!
  11. Islander15

    National League Points System

    The same league points scoring system as the other leagues but no play-offs.
  12. Islander15

    BERWICK v ARMADALE (May 1st, 7pm) NDL

    We’ll see lots of strung out races with this low points limit and how teams have set up. The new 3.00 riders will be nowhere near Flint & Bickley and probably Blair too. But there should be some interesting races between themselves. But at this point in time, I’m just glad that speedway is back and we’re able to watch it.
  13. Islander15

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    1. Max Clegg 10.14 2. Jake Mulford 3.00 3. Dan Thompson 5.50 4. Greg Blair 4.50 5. Henry Atkins 5.86 6. Nathan Ablitt 3.00 7. Sam Hagon 3.00 Total: 35.00
  14. It’s back! So build a team upto 35.00 points and the highest end of the season average wins! Same rules apply as previous years and as apply to the promoters. Only 2 riders from each club are allowed in your team. Previous results were: 2019: 1st Iand, 2nd Flipper11 & 3rd DJC. 2018: 1st Hunters, 2nd SKJ & 3rd CUFC_Brummie.  2017: 1st Eagles69, 2nd Islander15 & 3rd SKJ. 2016: 1st Halifax Tiger, 2nd John Leslie, 3rd Turn Two.
  15. Islander15


    1. Eastbourne - They look like champions elect. They have everything: a stand out number 1, genuine second and third heat leaders, second strings who will progress and probably the best reserve in the league. 2. Mildenhall - Another solid team with genuine improvement all through the order and probably the second best reserve in the league. If either of the second strings drop down, they’ll become the league’s best reserve. They have a top 3 that maybe on paper aren’t as strong as some but all are on an upward curve at a track they know well and can beat anybody. 3. Belle Vue - Much will depend on the returns of JPB & Compton but in a weakened league they should only be troubled by other team’s top 2s. Coles is a steady improver and their second strings will beat most around the NSS. That leaves the McGurk brothers to mature at their own pace at reserve and they should feed well off each other. 4. Leicester - I could’ve put them 3rd but it depends on who replaces Halder, if it’s like for like or another 3.00 rider. The Thompson twins and Lawlor’s scoring should win them meetings at home themselves. 5. Kent - I really fancied them last season but the lower points limit hasn’t helped their team. Mulford will be one of the better reserves and if Bursill or Clouting drops down then he should be too. But a few question marks too: does Ledwith have an incentive to improve, are their top 2 good enough on the away tracks against some over powered top 2s and an unknown in Warren. 6. Berwick - If there was a pairs competition I’d have them as favourites. If Blair rides to his previous average then he should put a couple of points or so on his mystery figure too. But it remains to be seen whether MacDonald & Douglas, who have been around a while, have a break out season and whether Rathbone kicks on at a new track. 7. Armadale - Another amazing number 1. But lacking back-up. Phillips & Woolley hve been consistently at the same level for a while now and then there’s 3 newbies plus Davies. 8. Newcastle - Clegg may well end up the leagues highest average rider and would be the NLRC favourite, if it ran. But beyond that I’m struggling to find heat winners. RTD is second heat leader but he’s recently had spells at reserve. Freeman looks a tidy little rider who I think has a bright future, but he’ll soon end up in the main body. Plus Alcock has the pressure on him of a debut Championship campaign.

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