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  1. blueherb777

    Absolute vermin

    Scum of the lowest order....coming right after Copenhagen as well !
  2. Teams signing riders already....if Kent get go ahead will this be a big disadvantage to the Kings? And which heat leaders are Kent likely to get?
  3. At last Kings first meeting in a higher tier. R/R for Heeps and young Mulford at No 8. Going to be a tough meeting,both teams with riders who`s form at the moment is patchy. My heart says 48-42...but my head says 43-47!
  4. Have to say after really looking forward this....came away really disappointed. Nothing to do with the result...Glasgow by far the better team and deserved the four points.But the track was really tricky at the beginning (for whatever reason/reasons) and that led to losing another two riders injured!!!! Another meeting that was long and drawn out,riders breaking tapes and it takes so long to get the race on again.Did not help having R/R and replacing the injured riders.Just seemed to be so much hanging around...I left before the end and surprised they beat the curfew? Have to say Scotty is pure class and his ride to get Hurry 2 points in Heat 6 was a real team player and leader. Watching Hurry is very nervous thing to do after all his injuries etc....Starke and Bacon showed glimpses of what they are capable of and Ben battled for his 7 points.But not having Heeps and losing Dan early was curtains. Really need another Heat leader to take pressure off Scott...otherwise can only see bottom place for Kings.
  5. You could be right....but still think it is going to be a big win for Eagles....something like 55-35?
  6. Heeps out now as well. Really fear a real tonking for Kings!!!!!!
  7. blueherb777


    Speedway continues to shoot itself in the foot. Sounds a complete farce. LET THE RESULT STAND as least!!!!!!!!
  8. Can`t help feeling the Kings let slip their ONE chance of an AWAY win this year! On the plus side...six Kings won a heat and young Gilkes is looking a real diamond. Sure lot of the crowd turned up to see Crump....but doubt he would have done as well as King? Looking forward to the Kings first home meeting (at last!!!!!)
  9. blueherb777

    KENT v EASTBOURNE May 31st

    A fair result by sounds of it. Kent have two absolute diamonds in Gilkes and Mulford. When was the last time a Home team went through a whole meeting without ONE SECOND PLACE????
  10. blueherb777

    KENT v EASTBOURNE May 31st

    I am not going today,but will give my prediction. Think Royals overall strength will see a victory.Knight will score well,but Kent with Kingsley,Gilkes and Rob will be decisive. I went to Frittenden grasstrack yesterday and young Mulford looks so stylish and promising. So I will go for 48-42 to the Royals...then again I could be miles out!
  11. Scotty smashed the T/R!
  12. Agree...really distasteful comments....he must be suffering to cry off and as you say coming back after his injuries.
  13. Bad reaction to Covid jab.
  14. Paul Hurry out.....R/R!
  15. Very true....and with Leicester moved to next month...means tasty looking fixtures all through June!
  16. UNREAL!.....April dry as a bone....and May turns into a wash out????? Only in Speedway.
  17. I enjoyed the meeting...some good Speedway on a great track. Result in doubt throughout meeting,presentation by Eurosport was good. Riders with Poland meeting experience really shone,but other riders put in good efforts. I have to say I enjoy listening to the Chuckle brothers...great banter. Hope weather behaves itself tonight as I am off to the Kings debut meeting.
  18. Have to say this ,I have been looking forward too this meeting for ages....Championship Speedway at last. Got the look of a close meeting....just hope the weather behaves.
  19. blueherb777

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Agree...teams look so much smarter and professional in team suits.
  20. blueherb777

    Jon Cook RIP

    Shocked with the news....no age. RIP Jon....spoke to him a few times at Lakeside.
  21. blueherb777

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Gamesmanship/cheating....all the same! Winds supporters up when it is so obvious. Just shows how mad Len was to do it!
  22. blueherb777

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    So your argument is ....it was ok for Eagles to cheat! But not alright to try and do something to stop the cheating?????
  23. blueherb777

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    So how long after the curfew was this? I have only been to meetings that stopped on time or just a few minutes over!
  24. blueherb777

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    What are you talking about???? There's a curfew...end of.
  25. blueherb777

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    What done it for me was a meeting at Lakeside a few years ago,dodgy forecast meeting started but did not finish because of torrential rain.It rained so hard we delayed going back to car,and when we did the car park was flooded!

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