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  1. JCookie

    Newcastle 2020

    Can we still buy any of the GRT media DVDs anywhere?
  2. It'd be better than nothing but any champion would have a massive asterisk against their name and wouldn't be a true champion.
  3. JCookie

    Corona virus

    I see the horse racing authorities are looking at a limit on field sizes and only allowing more experienced/competent jockeys to ride - could British speedway try this as a means to get through? Only Premiership speedway with a strict criteria on who can ride? Injuries are part and parcel of the sport but anything that can be done to limit them, and in turn NHS resources, must be considered.
  4. It's so tiresome. He isn't just a negative speedway fan, he's a negative speedway fan who goes to the ends of the earth, and is often wrong, to attempt to prove his point.
  5. Has any speedway meeting *ever* started on time?
  6. JCookie

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Would love to know what baggage Pedersen and Gollob have to be lumped in with that lot.
  7. Posted this on twitter yesterday, a speedway slant on the football game going around social media - anyone fancy a go? A speedway slant. 7 riders, 7 nationalities, must have ridden for at least one British club and none can have ridden for the same British club at any point in time (inc 2020). Holder Lindgren F Zmarzlik MJJ Bellego Bondarenko Fox Any more guesses?
  8. JCookie

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Interesting piece on Garrity's pre-season preparations https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/man-charged-after-vulnerable-woman-18119394
  9. JCookie


    Big fan of Edinburgh putting on the most obscure matches as opposed to a run of the mill league match.
  10. JCookie


    What problems do they cause, Philip? Not a dig, I'm just genuinely curious as it seems fine for TV subscriptions, car tax and a lot of other things.
  11. I think now might be the time to start seriously worrying about some member's mental states during this lockdown.
  12. JCookie

    Sheffield 2020

    So much negativity. Every post I see you put on here is negative or putting a downer on something. Everything might be cancelled but no harm in some positivity.
  13. JCookie

    Sky and Bt sports

    Too true. I've been quite happy with BT until now and I've never really been fussed about moving to Sky, but this has changed all that. 30 days notice going in as soon as I can get through to their xal centre!
  14. JCookie

    ben fund line up

    The statements that have been made about this year's Ben Fund, including those above, have been nothing short of a horror show. The principle of the meeting is great and I'm sure everyone would like to see hundreds of thousands raised, but the line up is shocking, and to expect people to just turn up is not a great advertisement. Never mind the fact it's in Scunthorpe, in March, in the middle of a global pandemic.
  15. JCookie

    Stuart Robson

    I'd say that considering his career that's quite a poor line up, hopefully there's a big crowd.

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