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  1. I would love to see an away win, But if both teams are at full strength I can only see a home win. Belle Vue are the strongest overall team in the league. Home win.
  2. The Scunthorpe incident due to the camera angle is not s clear cut. The Polish incident is clear cut, Tungate definitely deserves a ban.
  3. spin king

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Rode the Darcy Ward Classic.
  4. spin king

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    I believe that the intention was that he was going to come into the team when fit. I think that after it became clear that he needed much longer time to regain his fitness he was replaced by Jan Gravensen.
  5. spin king

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I think that UK Martin might be a bit more happier as I believe that he is half German on his Mother's side.
  6. spin king

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I know have mentioned Josh Grajczonek in the past, and people are saying is not riding the UK this season. Has anybody actually seen in writing that he is not riding in the UK this coming season, as I cannot find anything says that he is not.
  7. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    So its James Wright. Did not see that one coming. Not quite sure what I feel about it, lot will depend upon what average James will come in on, if it is a 3.00 average then it may prove an astute signing. Looks like a we have just over 4 points for the final rider. It will be interesting to see who we get in . Danish Wonderkid Marcus Birkemose on 4 point average maybe. Who knows.
  8. spin king

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    Fair play you did say you would speaking Chris Louis, and it would be interesting to see what he says on the matter. To be fair I think if I say shocked and surprised I would have thought most people would have guessed that I would not have had either Josh Bates or Tom Bacon on the scheme. Maybe they looked at how little riding that both riders have done for the last 3 seasons, both have had a couple of serious injuries,. Did Sheffield put threaten to pull out of the league, well this is British speedway so anything is possible, but to be honest I very much doubt it there will have been sponsorship money given, season tickets and riders already signed. For me I think that the scheme in the Premiership is flawed. If you include riders like Josh Bates and Tom Bacon then rather than 4 categories make 5 categories . I also don't understand how Teams all have to build to 35.5 for their top 6 regardless to whatever category your Rising Star comes from. For me I would have allowed the following; 5 Star (Josh Bates and Tom Bacon) top 6 limit of 35.5 4 Star; Top 6 limit of 36.5 3 Star; Top 6 limit of 37.5 2 and 1 Star Top 6 limit of 38.5 And I would also question why the job of setting up and controlling the scheme was not left to Neil Vatcher, he is after in charge of the British Youth Speedway and has no allegiance to any of the clubs in the Premiership, rather than a group of Promoters.
  9. Just flicking through youtube came across this the new Celine Dion could be Kyle Howarth's twin brother.
  10. spin king

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    I think you need to read exactly what I write. It said in the Speedway Star that a group of Promoters were set the task of setting up the Rising Star scheme. Because they were set the task I would have imagined they were the one's to set the criteria, I have not said they definitely would have, there is a difference. The past you asked if I was embarrassed by Josh Bates inclusion. And I said no as he fitted the criteria. I did say from the very start when someone posted on the Wolves 2020 thread that one of the Thompson twins would be the Sheffield Rising Star, and mention that I had seen a list with Josh Bates on the list. I did state that I was surprise to see him on the list, and in a PM to Bagpuss I even used the word shocked. So if I used words like surprised and shocked, which I would leave up to you to guess whether or not I would have included Josh Bates in the Rising Stars scheme. Fact is your Promoter is on the group of Promoters who responsible for setting up the scheme, and maybe you need to ask him who was responsible for setting out the criteria for qualification, but I would imagine those who are responsible for the scheme set the criteria.
  11. spin king

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    There was a special committee set up to launch the Rising Star Programme. Would imagine between them they will have set up the criteria. The promoters who set up scheme were; Mark Lemon Belle Vue Chris Louis Ipswich Dale Allitt Kings Lynn Jitendra Duffill Redcar John Campbell Edinburgh
  12. spin king

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Just a thought. Wonder what Josh Grajczonek plans are maybe he could be picked up by Kings Lynn now that Sheffield are not using him.
  13. The only thing that concerns me about Palin, is too much too soon. I would imagine that he will be fine in the Championship, but the Premiership will be different matter where he will be mixing it far more experienced riders, even though the league is far weaker. Brennan is a good prospect, but I would put Drew Kemp and Anders Rowe in front of him.. Brennan has an artificial Championship average as he has only rode in the Championship at reserve on home track that has a big home track advantage whereas both Kemp and Rowe have rode in the main body of he team for their respective teams in 2019. Brennan has not been tested enough at the moment for m.
  14. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    No perfectly happy. Josh fitted the criteria for this season Rising Star programme. The criteria set out by BSP or maybe Management Committee. Both which would include not only Sheffield Promoter Damien Bates but Ipswich Promoter Chris Louis.

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