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  1. stratton

    List Of My Top 20 Riders Of The 1960s

    "Norbold it pains me to say it but on people's opinions who i respect, and looking at stats i am resigned to the fact that OVE had the edge over Briggo.Really have studied there records closely,so annoying i have not got a terrific amount of 50s stats but it has been enjoyable none the less both two great Legends though.
  2. stratton

    Kenny Carter, Question Confused

    I will never forget the Oxford round how driven he was to compete, he really wanted to be Champion badly the weird thing is if he had ever reached his goal i think he would of been a good WC.
  3. stratton

    Kenny Carter, Question Confused

    There were a few Halifax fans who never liked him never took to him certain things happened and were covered up he made some silly race moves.For me like you said he was a very fast rider at his best,and after 82 he took his eye off the ball had business dealings going on and injuries took its toll.He was a very good rider good anough to win a WC but it never happened i really enjoyed watching him though his BLRC wins were terrific.
  4. stratton

    List Of My Top 20 Riders Of The 1960s

    As usual "Norb i got it wrong again!! with Arthur (age) not to worry eh! When only five years old my mate Gary Belcher can always remember him sliding around his slabs outside his kitchen on a chopper bike.With a Swindon race jacket on with No 1 on it with the name Barry Briggs on it i will never forget that, wish i had that race jacket now Happy Christmas Norbold to you and your family.
  5. stratton

    How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    Be interesting to know who these people WERE that he alienated? Berry was a strong individual and it is just what the sport needs now.Also not alot is spoken about how GOOD he was at man management, Mike Lee said he was superb helped him alot when he was younger.Ok he was not everyone's cup of tea,but certain people in speedway at the time were scared stiff that Berry would change things for the better for the WHOLE of the sport it never happened a big miss for me.
  6. stratton

    The Eu What Does It Do For Us.?

    Of course we need them, in a way it is what makes England unique the voting system but it would help if 80 per cent of them were honest and not just in it for there own means.
  7. stratton

    How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    Spot on 'screamer" mostly all the folk i know that are speedway supporters have gone since they have been young uns.These supporters very rarely just start going in there twenties,for me all those suggestions you made are terrific also some families like Football can't always afford to go to both in a week certainly if they have two kids.To make it a bit cheaper would help,maybe dont even charge for kids,these kids are the ones speedway need to be coming back in the next twenty years plus,a really hard question this how to sell speedway.
  8. stratton

    The Eu What Does It Do For Us.?

    Right just let the MPS who most of us don't respect and trust dictate everything in our lives.In a lifetime there might only be a topic or two that should go to a referendum this is one of them.
  9. stratton

    How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    Not at his age now Boocock, and would he of wanted to do it in the past more and likely a big NO but he would have been as good as anyone i have known in the last twenty years or so easily.Steachmann no disrespect what has he done talks well looks modern but he would not be tough anough for tough decisions Boocock certainly would of been certainly in his Pom.
  10. stratton

    False Teeth

    Two minutes then and it is all over oops only joking "Paul.!!
  11. stratton

    European Union - In Or Out?

    How many come from secondary schools? not many i would suggest.
  12. stratton

    How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    Ian Thomas is a fine example as why speedway has never moved on, Thomas was a fine promoter and businessman why would he let go to his piece of the pie.How many other Ian Thomas's have we had in speedway quite a few over the years that is why speedway has never progressed or moved on.Forget John then Eric Boocock would of done for me seen everything what do you think Humph.?
  13. stratton

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Are you for real Humph? most of these people have had a silver spoon anyway, you make out these people are doing us a favour really??
  14. stratton

    How Do We Attract A New Young Audience?

    But Humph you tend to forget Berry was TOUGH,had his brush with certain people but moved on.If he was put in the position which alot of us wanted to be paid but to be IMPARTIAL he would of done it.In speedway in within people i know you are the only person i know who has objected to him ok he was prickly at times but boy he knew what he was doing.
  15. Give him the benefit of the doubt "hagon cracked me up listening to your response happy Christmas mate.

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