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  1. secsy1

    Why speedway is failing

    A good watch and correct analysis. The main mitigating factor for me, (beside the above video), is no promoting of the sport in the towns and cities where it is staged, period.
  2. secsy1

    Is anyone losing interest

    Being not too good at pasting links, but surely someone will be able to do it. Has anyone seen Belle Vue Colts, Paul Bowen basic analysis of what's wrong with speedway on Youtube. A good watch and analysis. The main mitigating factor for me is no promoting of the sport in the towns and cities where it is staged, period.
  3. secsy1

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    It is not hard to understand how fickle speedway fans are in the last several posts. The amount of posts made by several of the last posters indicate a potential knowledge and understanding of how speedway works. But hey stupid, I tell myself, same old criticism ethics that are in general life today. If posters had their way, by end of the season all the rising stars in the programme would be gone as the posters would have demanded the next one to be slayed. Slay them early so the next one can visit the guillotine........................eventually no one is left.
  4. Much appreciated screm
  5. Who is the Newcastle team manager?
  6. Are both matches being live streamed this evening? Berwick are missing a wind fall if not as lots of speedway starved fanatics out here hoping it is.
  7. Unfortunately nothing but buffering issues for me, maybe as south of Scotland. The only thing that I can recommend is that an announcer gives details of each heat, irrespective of the commentators. Had the pleasure of seeing 1 full race in 8 heats and a superb ride by George Rothery, definitely one to watch.
  8. Has the stream started yet, logged in but nothing doing?
  9. secsy1

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    1. Dan Gilkes 8.00 2. Nathan Ablitt 3.00 3. Joe Lawlor 7.91 4.Archie Freeman 3.00 5. Harry Mcgurk 3.00 6. Jake Mulford 3.00 7. Sam Mcgurk 3.00 Total: 30.91 A bold bid here, but a spirited team, all full of potential and every rider can beat anyone on their day. Stay safe boys and enjoy the season.
  10. secsy1

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Probably be brothers riding for the Colts at 6 & 7
  11. secsy1

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Looking at the riders Belle Vue would possibly run with, think it is more about convenient days when they are all available from other team commitments.
  12. secsy1

    Whats actually going on?

    Think it was one of the reasons, but who are the ones left?
  13. secsy1

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Connor Bailey not on the list?
  14. secsy1

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Just noticed that Connor Bailey has a 3 star rating, is this due to him being considered a good future star above several riders with 2 stars who have been around a long time? Seems like several riders like Jamie Halder and a few others don't appear on the list. Any particular reasons?
  15. secsy1

    British 'Dream Team' 2021

    Experience relates to the top 3 and the youth and future of British Speedway the bottom end. 1. Tai Woffinden 2. Dan Bewley 3. Robert Lambert 4. Drew Kemp 5. Dan Gilkes 6. Jordan Palin 7. Dan Thompson 8. Joe Thompson You can only move forward with bringing in youngsters. Once upon a time a Manchester United fan told me and gosh did they move forward before backwards again with older players.

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