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  1. We are the masters at that especially away from home.
  2. 15-3 is still to happen so in effect you will be correct.
  3. If Wells was it front is it not up to the rider behind to shut off if there is no room, always had the impression if you were in front you dictate what lines you ride. Some conflicting views on here but I suppose different viewing angles can throw up different viewpoints.
  4. Who was in front at the time ? Genuine question as I couldn’t make it last night.
  5. Paisley it’s tropical .
  6. Too many points thrown away last night which could come back to bite us. Seems to be a recurring theme from us.
  7. Should be on now , I have had to come out the stream and restart it before which works if no joy yet.
  8. It is all conjecture what if this happened or that happened my own personal opinion is R/R was the better option ,you have your opinion which is your prerogative.
  9. Can't disagree with any of that.
  10. Exactly wasn’t just after a home loss that this was rumoured, it has been there poor form all season albeit Sedgmen to a lesser extent.
  11. Also to consider taking Ulrich out off the team and we are Vulnerable. Yes we will most likely qualify for the play offs but with the team as it is now would have little chance of winning them , hence why changes need to be made.

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