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  1. Ossetttiger

    Edinburgh 2021

    Think you have got your Jacks mixed up
  2. Ossetttiger

    Edinburgh 2021

    Find it quite sad you are happy to write off a young lad without any knowledge of his circumstances.
  3. Ossetttiger

    Birmingham 2018

    Jacks final GSA was 8.99 which was riding At number 1 apart from the 1st four meetings when he rode number4 . He scored an 18 point maximum at Kings Lynn away and scored 11 from 4 rides at Brum. Because Kings Lynn pulled out of the League these points where deducted from his average so reducing it to 8.66 . He also rode all but 3 heat 15's. Have a nice Christmas
  4. Ossetttiger

    Birmingham 2018

    The post was to let other clubs know he might be available due to no contact by Birmingham. How can Jack be looking for a better deal when terms where never discussed.
  5. Ossetttiger

    Birmingham 2018

    What a load of rubbish and totally untrue. Jack has not contacted ANY other track. He was concerned of the lack of contact from the club and put a post on facebook to that effect and one club did contact him and that was that.
  6. Ossetttiger

    Birmingham 2018

    I can tell you Jack loves Birmingham the track people and supporters and there's nowhere else in the NL he wants to ride.
  7. Ossetttiger

    Birmingham 2018

    Who are you talking about Tom or JPB?
  8. Hi Guys the first round this year took place on the 28 April
  9. Ossetttiger

    125 Cc Sppedway Bike For Sale

    Race tuned 125cc Speedway bike for sale. Please click link for details. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1558.l2649

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