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  1. I what’s happened got up to make a cup of tea came back picture frozen and can t get back to meeting
  2. Oops that was short and sweet will be going back to small bets in future lol good look to all those still in
  3. Dudek dos nt look that injured lol could bite me in the arse but it would serve me right lol
  4. Have changed my bet r/r is that ok
  5. Do riders not watch the other races don’t be on the outside on bend 2
  6. Thanks r/r for setting this up again i might only be in it for 1 meeting lol £300 more on mr pedersen please good luck everyone Can I change my bets please £150 Nikki more £150 dudek less please
  7. Any streams for second match anybody
  8. Me too lol just going on speedway updates site to see how the tigers are going
  9. No going to bother tonight normally stand on 3/4 th bend did nt realise that you had to have prepaid tickets my fault no problem. on the home straight can see them selling fast as the bars are closed so it s probably going to be crowded. I live in Sheffield so can see your problem. If you do travel hope you manage to get in good luck. think it will be close tonight hope there is some good racing and everyone stays safe

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