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  1. TB1

    Wolverhampton 2020

    As an Ipswich fan I was at Monmore last week when you trimmed us up. However more importantly a fantastic venue that it is cannot be lost and this is the problem when government gives local authorities powers. At foxhall last week for the lynn meeting many people reckon the crowd was nearer 3000 than the 2000 'officially' allowed. Unfortunately all those that have agreed with these ridiculous restrictions and the strangling of the economy may very soon get what they wish for unfortunately!
  2. I think we all know changes will be made. However with the additional travel restrictions getting in riders is going to be more difficult than ever. Added to that with all this doubling up theres going to be more injuries down the line and I don't think we will be the only team to suffer. With all the ageing riders are they going to run out of steam? Pedersen being a prime example on monday.
  3. No worries I felt sorry for the people coming in. Often these decisions are made by people who don't understand the situation. Having said that it seemed to resolve itself. Seems a bit daft though if you were sitting at the back near the bar or the tote booths you had to stand up to watch the racing.
  4. I came out of the bar for a smoke and CVS looked like he was getting grief off a few people. Basically the bar seats were full up. Presumably because some goon from the council said every other table must be vacant. Of course the tables remaining filled up quickly then people coming into the bar were left standing and presumably got upset about it. What did they think the promoters could do about it I don't know as their hands are tied. Unfortunately this is the net result when the government dishes out powers to local councils.
  5. TB1

    Ipswich vs Sheffield 27th May

    An excellent solid win with everyone doing their bit. Good to see Stewart practising after the meeting. Big improvement from Kemp after last week. Sometimes we just need to be patient. Looks like Monday at Wolves could be a good test after their win tonight.
  6. TB1

    Somerset 2020

    I regret not going there now its closed was the location a problem for previous promoters?
  7. I agree from where I was standing on the 3rd turn it looked a decent crowd certainly more than a thousand.
  8. I've just got back from lynn and what an excellent performance that was. Yes we were a bit leggy towards the end but the hard work was done in the first 10 heats. Since 2019 we seemed to have got that hunger and desire back to want to win again. And lets be honest most of us probably predicted a defeat with a weakened team. For me this bodes well for another good season and hopefully back to full strength on Thursday. Let's keep the faith and well done to Richie and Chris.
  9. TB1

    Ipswich 2020

    Just purchased my ticket. The Lynn website was a bit slow this morning as well. I presume for many supporters particularly the older ones will want to pay on the gate. In that case if the 2000 limit is reached online a statement will be issued? In addition will we be told where to stand as I guess most of us will be on bends 1 and 2 and the backstraight? I don't fancy being on bends 3 and 4.
  10. Have KL confirmed yet how many tickets will be sold ?
  11. TB1

    Ipswich 2020

    Welcome to the East German Premier league!
  12. TB1

    Ipswich 2020

  13. TB1

    Ipswich 2020

    I asked a question there was no need to be offensive you horrible little person!
  14. TB1

    Ipswich 2020

    Does anyone know the situation with 'smoking' are you allowed to remove the gimp mask?
  15. TB1

    Corona virus

    This is why people need to do their research before becoming hysterical. Looks like the north east will be the first part of the economy to collapse. Pubs and restaurants under restrictions and people naturally go out to meet friends and family. Now that it is illegal the north east hospitality sector might as well shut down now!

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