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  1. I get that, but those were developed over many years, have an established track record, are not compulsory and do not exclude you from any civil freedoms if you choose not to have them. People shouldn’t be so glib.
  2. DC2

    Tour De France

    Cav again, equalling Merckx’s record of 34 TdF stage wins!
  3. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    British? What sort of nationality is that? You’re either English or ... err ... one of the clans..
  4. Don’t be daft. From September we had masks, rules of this, that and the other, tiers, a lockdown and then tiers again before the January lockdown, but it was still carnage in January! So much for the “measures” when all that was needed was proper quarantine.
  5. It was exactly this type of research that led me to say in April 2020 - contrary to Sage who buried their heads in the sand - that masks were useful and were coming to the UK, because they restrict the projection of larger moisture particles. Unfortunately though six months later research showed that Covid is also spread by aerosol transmission, or natural breathing, rather than merely by talking, coughing and sneezing. Hence the limited value of masks.
  6. DC2

    Tour De France

    Remarkable Cav again. Stunning for a rider eclipsed by Kittel years ago, ill, injured and on the scrap heap. Who’d have thought three UK stage wins not involving Geraint, Tao or Simon Yates?
  7. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Ah, but tomorrow we can herald the “passbackery” from minute 1.
  8. And how many deaths did the experts predict for the Summer “Wave” three months ago? The January 2021 peak month looks remarkably similar to April 2020 despite the “measures” being in place. There’s only so many old people who can die.
  9. How would a jabs graph have a peak a month before the earliest vaccinations started!
  10. To be honest, one so rarely sees any deaths graphs these days.
  11. Just imagine how much lower the 2020 figure would have been had Hancock actually put a protective ring around care homes. Quarantining the vulnerable? If only someone had suggested that!
  12. So if being spaced out prevents infections, regardless of masks, why is there a sharp peak in deaths on Nov 20?
  13. Holding your breath, that’s the answer for ultimate protection!
  14. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    England start time-wasting straight from kick off! Contrast that with our sharp exchange of forward passing from when it was 4-0 in the 66th minute. If only we could shake up our game and start that from the first minute.
  15. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Fair enough. Jubilant Spaniards made it difficult for me to concentrate on the game. Although, of course, every modern footballer feigns mortal injury when a gnat farts within thirty yards, including England until we were 4-0 up!

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