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  1. You can see from my use of the words “I suspect” that I was stating an opinion and therefore the “link” is the post itself. I normally ask for links where people state what they allege to be “facts”, like Vince Blachshadow yesterday saying that the anti-lockdown march appeared on BBC TV news but he was unable to find a link to prove that point. Having said that, I could quite easily find links about border closures in Uganda, Vietnam and Australia.
  2. Didn’t the NHS start using Invermectin two months ago? I recall mentioning it and Badge saying she treated her horse with it? Apparently not: European Medicines Agency: News 22/03/2021 EMA advises against use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 outside randomised clinical trials. EMA has reviewed the latest evidence on the use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and concluded that the available data do not support its use for COVID-19 outside well-designed clinical trials.
  3. And at that point Tsunami disappeared.
  4. Answer the questions with facts, figures and research, rather than ignorant blather.
  5. So how many vaccines has the UK government sent to poor countries? You can round it up to the nearest 0.
  6. Could we just hear a little more in support of your view? Any facts, figures or research? Some countries closed their borders in March 2020. I don’t recall the UK doing anything much before this year!
  7. Do you have a link to exactly what took place, because I recall a government minister saying we “could” do it but there was no need because India had sufficient vaccines? Nevertheless I’m certainly not talking solely about India; there are many poor countries around the world that could be helped!
  8. If countries well connected to China and Italy had closed their borders as soon as the virus emerged in Italy it could have stemmed the tide. I suspect early border closures rather than lockdowns were behind the success in Vietnam, Australia and Uganda.
  9. There were more than a million hospital admissions for obesity-related treatment in England in 2019. Sitting ducks for Covid! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57144922
  10. Uganda apparently has had only 347 With Covid deaths, at a rate of 7 per million of population, while we have a rate of 1,872 per million. The Fact Check suggests that Lockdown rather than closing borders was the reason for Uganda’s success. And yet it locked down only five days before us. So clearly the success was in closing its borders, not in its subsequent period of lockdown!
  11. Is the comparison not percentage based? Two other points stood out for me: Lockdowns are not necessary for people to make their own choices of sensible precautions; and Sweden suffered 1.5% excess mortality and the UK 10.5%.
  12. It’s a shame that the establishment continues to talk about cases and potential future risks rather than focusing on saving lives now. Our deaths figures show that there is no imminent threat here and yet we still talk about young people transmitting the virus despite young people not being at risk (fewer than 250 With Covid deaths in the under 30s) and the older at risk group having been vaccinated. Meanwhile deaths continue around the world because we are too selfish to release our vaccines: It feels "morally wrong" that children in some richer countries are being offered a Covid-19 jab before some high-risk people in poorer countries, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group has told MPs. "We are in a situation at the moment where there are many un-vaccinated people in the world but not enough doses for everyone yet..... whilst people whose risk is extremely low are being vaccinated - including children who have near to zero the risk of severe disease or death.” BBC
  13. Good, we’re starting to put some flesh on the sensationalism. I wonder how long after their first doses they contracted Covid - was it within the initial three week unprotected period? And their ages, pre-existing conditions and BMIs.
  14. Here’s a good comparison of the UK and Sweden: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/sweden-covid-and-lockdown-a-look-at-the-data
  15. BBC News reporting 18 Covid hospitalisations in Bolton, 6 of whom have had the vaccine. No mention of ages, pre-existing conditions or BMIs.

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