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  1. Morris usually takes a couple of races before he gets going at Owlerton. Bickley is a useless guest for us, remember him guesting for us in the Championship and getting 0 from 3 rides. He then came with Workington a couple of weeks later and scored half a dozen. Same when he guested against Ipswich he just couldn't get anywhere near the other three riders and when he got 'filled in' riding behind Cookie he lost all interest in the meeting! Don't hold out much hope this evening, just want them all to put some effort in so the fans get VFM.
  2. Steve55

    Sheffield 2020

    Just to see him try a little bit harder would be nice, but there's no effort, unless he gates and gets infront. We might as well have had Auty, he can't gate and usually has to try and pass!
  3. Steve55

    Should RS be the No.7

    At present he's more of a 'Falling Star'.
  4. His shoulder apparently popped out last Thursday when he came off on the second bend so he's not going to have anywhere near 100% strength in that arm. Then there's the neck injury that he sustained at Peterboro' (think that was on the second bend coincidentally) and then the sledging back injury! All going to be taking a toll on his upper body strength. He's fighting with the bike all the time!
  5. Can't see Josh lasting much longer if he keeps coming off. He'll either get dropped or suffer a serious injury and my money is on the latter. Out of the three meetings I've seen him ride this year he never seems to be in control of the bike, he just appears to be hanging on, struggling to keep the back wheel behind him! Can't knock his enthusiasm but that won't keep him healthy.
  6. Steve55


    On Monday 7th June the TV scheduling is for Peterborough v Kings Lynn, but in Speedway Star it's showing Wolves v Sheffield as the Euro sport meeting! Could this be like the opening night where they had the main coverage from one meeting and updates from the other, or have SS got it wrong? I know which meeting I'd rather watch!
  7. Not being from Sheffield you'll not know that Neil Machin was the previous promoter of Sheffield Speedway and he would have put on the clubs website that the meeting was on no matter what the weather. The point I was making was that you'd get people turning up for the meeting only for the officials to pull the plug on it after they'd paid to get in!
  8. The promotion had to call this off early doors with the weather forecast as it was. There's always a good crowd come up from Peterborough and it was only fair to them to call it early. Gone are the days of Neil Machin and his, "it's definitely on." Only to get a crowd in and call it off at 8 - 8.15pm.
  9. The weather forecast is for a 90% or 100% chance of rain from 3pm to 10pm all day, but only 80% for some of the time before that. I think that's a bit more than it MIGHT rain!
  10. Steve55

    Sheffield 2020

    Think that on the web site they state that season ticket holders will be going through a turnstile instead of the usual side gate and that season ticket holders will be accommodated on the home straight and that those buying tickets would be on the third/fourth bends.
  11. Steve55

    European Union - In Or Out?

    No such thing as a Road Traffic Accident anymore, now referred to as Road Traffic Collision (RTC). Why? Because when one or more vehicles hit something it's usually down to the fault of at least one of the drivers involved. Unless it's through mechanical defects (which usually means the owner/driver commits offences under con & use regs or failing to maintain the vehicle) or automatism. I'll think you'll find that most Police officers don't harass the general public (your law abiding, middle class motorists). A couple of MPH isn't an offence, but not wearing a seat belt is and is so for good reasons. Getting 6 independent witnesses to a collision is fantastic, many more than the road rage murder of Stephen Cameron committed by Kenneth Noye.
  12. Steve55

    " Line of duty " TV

    Late 1970s', as most of this series has been - 1960s' & 70s'. Don't think it could happen these days, not with all the graduate entry types, dwarfs and limp lettuce leaves that they seem to recruit these days!
  13. Steve55

    " Line of duty " TV

    You putting yourself up for the part? CH!
  14. Steve55

    " Line of duty " TV

    Think that's been generally accepted as the 'missing' 50 grand from Hastings attempted bribe, that he appeared to be going to hand over to her at the cemetery whilst she was visiting Johns grave.
  15. Steve55

    " Line of duty " TV

    I think you're on the ball again here Pinny, it was supposed to be Thurwell and his wife found dead (wonder how much James Nesbit was paid for using his photos'? Free holiday in Spain?). Osbourne is involved somewhere in it and Carmichael always changes the line of questioning when his name is brought into the interview. Or is he just a red herring brought into it to blur the outcome? Tommy Hunter was shot in the back of the car and then set alight, he was badly burned beyond recognition so...........??? But surely they would have had him DNA'd to be sure, I mean these guys must get through about 50 grands worth of DNA tests each episode! Some budget AC10 has, so to be sure it's Thurwell they better have him DNA tested as well.

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