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  1. 22 hours ago, Bavarian said:

    The meeting in Perth featuring Tai Woffinden and the Team GB riders against the Westaustralians was an INDIVIDUAL event.

    Here is the result of the six riders main final:

    Final A

    1 GB108 Tai Woffinden 01:15.229

    2 GB118 Drew Kemp 01:16.086

    3 WA6 Daniel Winchester 01:18.433

    4 WA7 Matt Marson 01:21.542

    5 GB24 Jack Smith 01:24.482

    6 WA199 Bryan Miller 01:28.786


    Was the final over 6 laps ?? Looking at the times

  2. According to the highly unreliable metric of facebook followers:





    Hardly surprising the top 12 are all Polish, although how the no 13 team gets a polish flag beside it's name I don't know.


    Top 7


    1 Zielona Gora

    2 Stal Gorzow

    3 Unia Leszno

    4 Torun

    5 Czestochowa (top team not in Polish Extraliga)

    6 Unia Tarnow

    7 Sparta Wroclaw


    Top GB Teams

    13 Poole

    15 Glasgow

    16 Belle Vue

    17 Wolves

    23 Leicester

    26 Hull (!!)

    27 Newcastle

    29 Lakeside

    31 King's Lynn

    34 Peterborough


    (Lowest EL track Swindon @ 61; Top NL track Cradley @ no 70)


    Top 5 Other Nations

    20 Lonigo

    24 Ventura (looks suspicious as this track only stages a handful of meetings)

    25 Vetlanda

    28 Dackarna

    30 Fast Fridays (Auburn)


    Top 5 Southern Hemisphere

    57 Canterbury (NZ|)

    58 Pinjar Park (Aus)

    74 Oreti Park (NZ)

    83 Bellocq (Arg)

    85 Mildura (Aus)

    Where is Gillman (AUS)

  3. First meeting of the season Canterbury Comets 37 - Auckland Rhinos 35 at Ronnie Moore Park. Last heat decider with the scores level entering the race.


    Pretty average meeting despite being close. Canterbury without Dale Finch and Ryan Moss became a two man team with Grant Tregoning scoring a paid 15 maximum and Andrew Aldridge getting 13 with four race wins and the crucial third in the last race. For Auckland Sean Mason scored 8 getting better as the meeting went on and Jake Turner scored 14 paid 16 from six rides. He benefited from riding most of his races against the Canterbury second strings and reserves.


    Full scores:




    1 Grant Tregoning 5 rides 14 paid 15 points - Untroubled

    2 Jason McKay 4 rides 4 paid 5 points - Battled

    3 Andrew Aldridge 5 rides 13 points - only beaten in the last race, otherwise fast and made the best pass of the day

    4 Konnor Mckluskey-Young 5 rides 5 paid 6 points - Could have scored more except for a couple of mistakes

    5 George Congreve 4 rides 1 point - Outclassed but it is his first season on a 500




    1 Sean Mason 5 rides 8 points - Poor in first three starts and then got better

    2 Jake Turner 6 rides 14 paid 16 points - Didn't beat either of the Canterbury top 2 but was too good for the rest

    3 Dylan Hancock 5 rides 4 paid 6 points - Poor for second heat leader

    4 Dylan Moohan 5 rides 7 paid 8 points - Too good for the bottom three of Canterbury

    5 Chopper Bagshaw 3 rides 2 paid 3 points - Beat his opposite number twice


    I guess in summary that it was disappointing that Aldridge and Tregoning found it so easy as they are unlikely to improve and apart from Jake Turner their doesn't appear to be any great improvers on the scene at the moment. The racing was very processional because of the wide range in abilities. Fortunately the sidecar support class had many close and exciting races.


    Still it was great to have a fix of speedway with a team format. All credit to the organisers for putting it on and the riders for travelling the length of the country to compete. With Finch and Moss back Canterbury will be very hard to beat.

    Any one got the heat details ?


  4. I was lucky enough to witness racing at Olympic Park during the course of my several trips 'Down Under' during past British winters necessitated by the fact that I'm allergic to cold weather! :) Always thoroughly enjoyed meetings there and, looking at various photos from this weekend's event, looks to be a fair sized crowd in attendance.

    It was normal Mildura 30c, a good meeting they have moved the pits to behind the control tower you will have to come over again

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