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  1. daveallan81

    Workington v Edinburgh 29th March 1981

    I don't have a marked programme but the Workington programme of 12/04 has the track record of 74.5 credited to Ian Hindle.
  2. daveallan81

    1984 National Junior KOC

    Excellent, many thanks.
  3. daveallan81

    1984 National Junior KOC

    Just noticed your post brianmaxtedfan. Many thanks for the information. I don't have the second half results from 28/05 at Halifax - could you provide them please? Heat 1 at Sheffield, can you tell me who replaced who in white & yellow/black please? And can I just check the time for heat 3 at Sheffield - 89.8?
  4. daveallan81

    1984 National Junior KOC

    Thanks to Graham Gleave for contacting me off-forum with the Belle Vue v Berwick information. Requirements list updated.
  5. daveallan81

    1984 National Junior KOC

    Many thanks.
  6. daveallan81

    Exeter 1984

    Bringing this thread back to life as I'm in the process of updating the file. I'm still looking to resolve the 8th April Eastbourne v Exeter (LC) issue - does anyone have a marked programme that can confirm the result of heat 13, in particular whether Noer or Millard rode in the race?
  7. daveallan81

    Unusual individual meetings

    That same thought crossed my mind last night. Was it a Riders' Championship event at Bradford? Instead of having a series of races they just stuck all 5 in a run-off?
  8. daveallan81

    Opposing Maximums

    Not quite in the same league but 15th July 1984 Boston v Glasgow, Colin Cook 10+2 (4) and Steve Lawson 15 (5). Cook rode at #6 so the two weren't programmed to meet. His extra ride was an R/R in heat 6.
  9. daveallan81

    Most Race Winners

    Actually I just have a lot of 'stuff' on my PC and happen to be a dab hand with a 'search' function Updating an Exeter 1984 file I've picked up a 9 from 13 - Monday 27th August 1984 Exeter v Poole (BL). All 7 home riders won at least one race (Mauger 3, Willmott 2, Campbell/Maxfield/Robinson/Andersen/Carr all 1) with guest Simmons (2) and Jakobsen (1) winning for Pirates.
  10. daveallan81

    1984 National Junior KOC

    Another research project I've been working on for quite a while and still looking for some heat details and other info. I've included what information I have for each match so anything that can fill any of the gaps eg. basic scorers or line-ups from blank programmes, welcomed. 02/06 Ipswich v King's Lynn - full heat details [blank programme] 17/06 Poole v Exeter - full heat details [blank programme] 28/06 Stoke v Long Eaton - full heat details [blank programme & Long Eaton scorers] 27/08 Stoke v Milton Keynes - full heat details [no info at all except result] 29/08 Halifax v Berwick - full heat details [no info at all except result] 29/09 Halifax v Milton Keynes (staged after Halifax v Ipswich BL) - heat times [heat results from video footage]
  11. daveallan81

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Glasgow scored 439 NL points away from home in 1985 - Lawson scored 201 of them. Yeh we kinda relied on him somewhat One for the three riders list: 28/29 25th July 1984 Long Eaton 49 Glasgow 29 (Lawson 13, Collins 9, Reid 6)
  12. daveallan81

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    26th April 1979 at Oxford, Glasgow's Derek Richardson 12 & Steve Lawson 10 out of 26 (13 heats). 27th June 1981 at Glasgow, Crayford's Alan Sage 10 & Berry Thomas 6 out of 20 (13 heats). 11th September 1982 at Berwick, Kenny McKinna 20 (+1) & Steve Lawson 17 out of 42 (16 heats). Not quite on topic, but close enough I think, does Steve Lawson's record of 16 out of 23 at Arena in 1985 still stand as highest percentage of a team's total by one rider?
  13. First of all I'm looking for the heat details of the National Junior League match staged after the senior fixture. I have the result and scorers from Speedway Star. I don't have the 1988 yearbook so I'm wondering if anyone has a copy and can tell me if it published the N.J.L. averages. If so, could you please post the Glasgow/Workington figures for me?
  14. daveallan81

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Bert Harkins.
  15. Nodlew and I have been working on the 1982 Anglia Junior League results. We're left looking for 6 results if anyone can help, senior fixture in brackets if different: 03/09/1982 Peterborough v Leicester (Peterborough v Middlesbrough) 07/09/1982 Leicester v Mildenhall (Leicester v Cradley Heath) 21/09/1982 Leicester v Milton Keynes (Leicester v Sheffield) 21/09/1982 Milton Keynes v Peterborough 28/09/1982 Milton Keynes v Mildenhall 10/10/1982 Peterborough v Milton Keynes

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