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  1. Is there Divine Intervention on the BSF?
  2. JohnHyam

    Once The Envy Of The World...

    Get into the real world. There are far more important things to be concerned about these days than the late delivery of a speedway magazine! It will turn up.
  3. JohnHyam

    Once The Envy Of The World...

    I agree with this comment.
  4. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    That's interesting: a strange time to play matches, also when and where were the 1970 World Cup matches played here?
  5. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    I wonder when and where the name subject of this thread Raich Carter last played at a London ground?
  6. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    A slightly off key reference re 'Raich Carter's Soccer Star' and the various magazines that followed it over the years. The main publisher was Robert J Bolle trading as Echo Publications Ltd. He was obviously known as Bob. I think he left or sold his part in Echo Publications Ltd (the publishing company) some time in the early 1960s. However Bob Bolle returned to speedway publishing in the early 1970s with the 'Speedway Mail' - a newspaper style publication. I then spent some eight or nine years 'moonlighting' from my full-time job at the 'South London Press' doing several evening shifts and a Sunday stint at 'Speedway Mail' between 1973 and the early 1980s. All told a long time after the early 1950s launch of 'Raich Carter's Soccer Star'.
  7. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    Besides the 'Speedway Star', 'Soccer Star' and 'World Soccer' I have a hazy recollection the same publishers also had a newspaper type publication 'Anglers Mail'?
  8. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    In the 1950s Soccer Star was initially printed at the South London Press works then In Streatham. It later changed to the Carlton Press at Chesham, Bucks, where its associate publication Speedway Star was also printed.
  9. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    I hate to detract from the good image that SOCCER STAR has but would mention that at some time circa mid-1950s I wrote a few gossip-style columns in the magazine. And seemingly despite my efforts!!! it survived for many years afterwards.
  10. JohnHyam

    Issue number 51

    My copy arrived today (Thursday December 15 2020). It promises to be yet another great read.
  11. JohnHyam

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    I met up again with Graham Payne at the Weekly Post Newspapers based in Ruislip, West Middlesex, in the mid-1960s. He was then group editor of the series and I was sports editor. When he left I replaced him as group editor. Besides his journalistic abilities Graham was also a top class cartoonist with much of his work used by National newspapers.
  12. Does any member have information on a 1950s-1960s era football magazine 'Soccer Star'. In its early days I think football star Raich Carter may have been involved with it, but only for about two years.
  13. JohnHyam


    It's sad to reflect that in these modern times there is apparently no speedway in South Africa whereas oval circuit car racing is doing well.
  14. I tend to agree with your comment Crump99.
  15. I heard on C4 TV News that a new strain of the virus has emerged. They said it will not affect use of the vaccine.

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