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  1. failed his fitness test, rr at 2.
  2. therefused

    Dudley Rider Announcement?

    i thought brady didnt qualify as having uk patriality and therefore isnt eligible to ride in the nl? thats the reason Somerset opted for Nielsen this year instead of him.
  3. So was Lambert at fault for Rose coming off?
  4. So was Lambert at fault for Rose coming off?
  5. therefused

    Charles Wright Can He Double Up?

    That is correct, Wright guested for someone (i think Redcar) earlier in the season but not as a 3 point rider.
  6. i read somewhere it was a thursday night? might be wrong.
  7. therefused

    Charles Wright Can He Double Up?

    i dont believe so. i think its because he has already had an established PL average over 4.
  8. Personally i would pick the best riders from the league, no matter what team they represent. Good to see Lambert riding, the favourite surely?
  9. Lambert and Boxall should provide a few interesting heats.
  10. Confirmed now that Jake Knight replaces Steve Worrall.
  11. Darryl Ritchings replaces Steve Worral
  12. Line Ups - Mildenhall Stefan Nielsen Nathan Stoneman Josh Bates Jon Armstrong Danny Halsey Connor Mountain Aaron Baseby Young Stars Robert Lambert R/R Lewis Rose Ben Morley (G) Darren Mallett Stevie Worrall Shane Waldron Shane Hazelden Pity no Lambert, but the sides look pretty even otherwise. Should be a good un.
  13. therefused

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    I 'think' Cooks true average for 2013 is higher than Barkers in both the PL and EL. It definitely is in the PL, but his rolling average may not show that.
  14. therefused

    Buxton V Kings Lynn 14/7/13

    Rose has a cracked rib, out for a couple of weeks apparently. Worrall was injured last night at Leicester.
  15. Hilarious comments from Middlo on twitter. I think he knows hes made a complete balls up, but Kennett will beat half of the Swedes and Americans so will end up looking good anyway. Bridger over Barker for me as well.
  16. therefused

    King's Lynn Stars 2013

    Because hes now classed as doulbing up, not down. All Premier League teams get priority.
  17. therefused

    Track Records

    Robert Lambert has the national league track record at Kings Lynn with a time of 59:50
  18. While it wasnt the greatest meeting ive seen this season, seeing young Lambert is worth £10 on its own in my opinion. He looks so fast and stylish and will go straight to the top of the sport in my opinion. He is better than Ward was for Boston when he was 16 in my opinion. Also credit must go to Lewis Rose who has made great strides, and also Josh Bates who was (apart from Blackbird) Mildenhalls best rider on the night. He has also improved dramatically since last year.

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